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  1. Mar 2019
    1. The bus had entered the vast slum region, the tumbled miles of cheap hotels and broken-down tenements that had sprung up after the mass THE MINORITY REPORT 2113 destruction of the war

      Again, this correlates with the destruction of landscape from the war, and how the world has become partly desolate. While the reader sees the one Utopian view of a world without crime, in the same world is one where there was once a devastating war, and the world has not recovered.

    2. Get going," Fleming told him sharply. "And don't discard that packet:' As Anderton felt his way hesitantly toward the far exit of the aUey, the man's last words drifted to him. "Study it carefully and you may still survive."

      Since I already read this, I know that Fleming isn't on his side, and this relates to 1984 where O'Brien pretends to be on Winston's side. At first, O'Brien gives Winston "help," giving him the book to continue to read and learn, but then it is realized that O'Brien is against him, just like how Fleming is.

    3. An innocent man is framed by one of those cards. Maybe there've been other innocent people--right

      This leads into the idea that the world is somewhat a desolate wasteland. While it isn't physically, we see the world as un-ideal. Innocent people are convicted of crimes that they didn't commit, and since we see Anderton, we are inclined to believe that he also wouldn't commit murder. We then believe that this world would be detrimental to the people living inside of it.