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  1. Apr 2015
    1. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I think that a high school diploma is extremely valuable, because without a diploma, you won't be able to get into college, which is a major part of someone's life. This is because, college decides how successful someone will be in the future and also determines, what type of job they can attain.

    2. The NewsHour’s April Brown introduces one student who tackled all of that to become high school valedictorian and a freshman at one of the nation’s top universities.

      I think that Rashema Melson is a very smart and intelligent girl who has worked hard and earned to go to Georgetown. She doesn't let her homelessness get in the way of her path to success and she even became valedictorian of her high school.

    3. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      This is a very significant because throughout the article, the idea that high school diplomas are immensely important for one's success is stressed greatly. This sentence serves to show that although many would want to recieve their diploma, they may see no possible use to this diploma if they already experience financial problems. Even with a diploma, the article seems to imply that there is a small use in a high school diploma if one does not also go to college. I also agree with this, although high school diplomas are the first step towards attending college.

    4. Graduation rates have improved over the past few years and the national average rose above 80 percent for the first time in 2012

      Thats pretty disgusting because if you consider it, 1 out of every 5 people will not graduate high school. People these days do not understand how important a high school diploma is in this day and age.

    5. I agreed with that teacher about how college isn't always the best choice. most people can't afford to go to college and not all jobs required college degrees. families can't support high school seniors so high school seniors have debt already before they even have a job. it simply doesn't suit the purpose of going to college for a degree and not being able to get a higher paid job. i mean why go to college when there are other jobs that paid high and don't require a degree?

    6. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I think that the value of a high school diploma is extremely important in a young adult's life because without it, you can't go to college. College is important because employers judge you based on the ranking of the college you went to and you can get a better job that gives more pay with a higher value of a diploma.

    7. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      A high school diploma means a lot. It symbolizes a destination of success. It is the reward of the perseverance and hard work you put into education and how much you care for your future. A high school diploma represents a point in your journey that shines the most. It makes you very content.

    8. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I think that the value of a High School Diploma is very important in the sense that it is how you can get into a college. However, only having a High School Diploma is not as important as before considering that jobs that require a high school diploma dont pay as much as one that requires some form of a degree

    9. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      This article has a pretty straight forward answer, priceless. But then again today there are more jobs that don't require a High school Diploma, does that mean students will drop out of high school more?

    10. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I think the value of a high school diploma is significant anywhere and any day. It's not like we don't care about our diplomas or don't desire to have one. If the value of having a diploma was not significant, no one would be working really hard.

    11. I think that the value of a High School Diploma isn't as much as it was before. Nowadays, a High School Diploma doesn't offer much more jobs than having no diploma.

    1. As the flowers start to bloom and it begins to look a little greener outside, many teachers are feeling the weight of winter stress lifting off of them. But the opposite is happening to high school seniors across the country who are in the midst of making a tough decision: where, and if, they should go to college.

      These lines really drew my attention. It's true, and completely relatable. As summer nears, most students and teachers would probably start feeling less stressed. However, high school seniors are facing one of the biggest and toughest decisions of their lives. Education is really a hard choice, and a "simple" decision of college can easily change a person's life.

    2. Many may argue that getting a four-year college degree is the key to achieving the American dream and the only path to upward mobility in terms of economic prosperity. But when my students can go to a two-year technical school for about $20,000, receive an associate degree in welding technology and reliably earn a wage of up to $59,000 (some specialties, like underwater welding, can command up to $90,000 and more, with experience), I find the idea of a four-year university, where students graduate with an average of $30,000 in loan debt, the least logical path of upward economic mobility.

      I disagree with this statement because a Bachelor's degree is what most employers are looking for, and therefore, the student getting the job is equivalent to achieving the American Dream. For the two year college, I disagree with her reasoning. The job she describes are not in high demand, as there are not many underwater structures, and welding technology is only needed when something breaks. I believe that a four year college opens more possibilities for the student.

    3. Why I’m telling some of my students not to go to college

      I don't think students should skip college even if they have to pay a fee for their loans for their tuition at the college. Getting a good job requires a college degree, students that go to colleges are usually the most successful in life, you don't have to go to universities in order to be able to get a good job, just go to a regular college and do the best you can in life after that. The better the college is the more likely of a chance you have of getting a good job.

    4. Why I’m telling some of my students not to go to college

      When I first read the title of this article, I was a bit skeptical. It seems unheard of that a teacher wouldn't be so open to encouraging their students to go to college. I found it interesting that Jillian Gordon had a different opinion than so many other teachers, and found it unnecessary for students to have to go college. Most students have been surrounded with teachers that strongly encourage them to go to college. This teacher had such a different point of view that it surprised me and would probably surprise others too.

    5. A bachelor’s degree is not a piece of paper that says “You’re a success!” just as the lack of one doesn’t say “You’re a failure!”

      This is a really important statement. Many people view a bachelor's degree as a sign that they're a success in life, and without it, it shows that they're a failure. However, it really isn't. If you think about it, a bachelor's degree is just a piece of paper, and one can succeed without that piece of paper.

    1. Get communities and families involved:

      It is important to involve the families and communities of the students involved in the students' education. It is their surroundings, and their parents who can guide them when they are not in school, where teachers cannot look over them. They then can have guidance when they are outside of school as well.

    1. Should Teachers Carry Weapons?

      No, teachers should not carry weapons. We already have security guards for things like that. Lets say there is an emergency. chances are that the teacher will be hesitant to shoot!