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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Adolf Hitler was beaten mercilessly during his childhood by a father who was illegitimate and of Jewish descent, both of which, during those times, brought him constant and overbearing shame his entire life.

      Stevens writes that Adolf Hitler experienced ACE by his father who was of Jewish descent and this created a deep hatred of Jews. Not much is known of his father, however. Recently a cache of letters was found that shed more light, but the Jewish father theory has not be validated. However, it is known that his father severely beat Adolf Hitler. See the article: Origins Of Evil: The Rage-Filled Story Of Alois Hitler: https://allthatsinteresting.com/alois-hitler

    2. This was Hitler’s OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF MANIA. And it is traceable to the insecurity of his existence in his own family, the insecurity of a child constantly living under the threat of violence and humiliation. Later millions were to forfeit their lives so that this child – now a childless adult – could avenge himself by unconsciously projecting the grim scenario of his childhood onto the political stage.

      Hitler's unhealed trauma induced the death of millions of other lives, continuing a cycle of trauma.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. The significance of this speech is that it draws for unification of the German people. Hitler appeals to them by looking at their common interests and addressing it as part of his program when in power. His major points being the industry, battling Marxism and returning Germany to Germans. The significance of all this is that it breaks some points of the Treaty of Versailles. Building back Germany's industry in particular will eventually lead to the rise of a immense German Army. Along with the unification of the German people, some German-speaking people live in other countries. To unify Germans, Hitler is eventually going to invade other European nations.

      This would be useful for my paper because it emphasizes Adolf Hitler's impressive verbal skills. It also shows how Hitler wanted to unify Germany and how he tried coming to power by addressing issues that many Germans related to.

    2. Thus this program will be a program of national resurrection in all areas of life, intolerant against anyone who sins against the nation, but a brother and friend to anyone who has the will to fight with us for the resurrection of his Volk, of our nation.

      Hitler gives his assurance that his program will work and will be intolerant of anyone who goes against the nation.