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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Just like buffers, strings always have a fixed maximum length in Clarity.

      Note of Strings' length.

    2. Buffers are unstructured data of a fixed maximum length. They always start with the prefix 0x followed by a hexadecimal string.

      What is Buffers?

    3. Clarity provides three different kinds of sequences: buffers, strings, and lists.

      There are three kinds of sequences.

    4. Since types cannot mix, a list can only contain items of the same type.

      In Clarity, types cannot mix.

    1. bool, short for boolean. A boolean value is either true or false. They are used to check if a certain condition is met or unmet (true or false).

      What is Booleans?

    2. uint, short for unsigned integer. These are 128 bits numbers that can only be positive. The minimum value is therefore 0 and the maximum value is 2128 - 1. Unsigned integers are always prefixed by the character u.

      What is Unsigned integers?

    3. int, short for (signed) integer. These are 128 bits numbers that can either be positive or negative. The minimum value is -2127 and the maximum value is 2127 - 1.

      What is Signed integers?

    4. Primitive types are the most basic components. These are: signed and unsigned integers, booleans, and principals.

      There are four categories of Primitive type in Clarity.

    5. Clarity admits two different kinds of principals: standard principals and contract principals. Standard principals are backed by a corresponding private key whilst contract principals point to a smart contract.

      There are 2 kinds of principals: standard and contract

    6. A principal is a special type in Clarity and and represents a Stacks address on the blockchain.

      What is a principal in Clarity?

    1. Types fall in three categories: primitives, sequences, and composites.

      There are three categories of types in Clarity.

  2. Apr 2020
    1. terms like "malicious security cracker" are sufficiently evocative and clear that their use actually helps make communication more effective than the common journalistic misuse of "hacker".
  3. Oct 2013
    1. People do not feel towards strangers as they do towards their own countrymen, and the same thing is true of their feeling for language. It is therefore well to give to everyday speech an unfamiliar air: people like what strikes them, and are struck by what is out of the way.

      Style. Use language people recognize and understand.