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  1. Apr 2023
    1. but this time it was like the entire film, and some scenes in particular, needed extra rhythm and vitality. T

      The music in this film is so soft, tender, and goes all over different scenes.

    2. I wanted the colour pal-ette of this film to convey a cinematic reality, which is somewhat different from the actual reality. That is why we picked pastel colours with a sum-mery tone. Up to the post-production phase, my DoP Kim Ji-Hyun kept on working on colour details. Creating this special universe was the result of a true collaboration with the entire crew.

      The director describes her choice of colors for the film.

    1. Though the film ended up as a fictional romance, it drew on documentary techniques and precedents.

      Kayo Hatta applied documentary techniques in filming the fictional romance Picture Bride.

    1. Yoon places all her shots at the children’s eye-level, which results in the adults in their lives being cropped out of frame. The director only uses diegetic sound to populate neighbourhoods, with the exact sounds as the children would hear it. Plus, if the children get distracted, so does the audience.

      Yoon captures shots at the children's eye-level, employs diegetic sound, authentically representing the children's auditory experiences. The audience's attention is directed by the children's distractions, immersing them in the childlike perspective.