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  1. Jan 2023
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      The sensors are not only networks of analysis, detection, and responses to environmental events but are ways of describing environments and bringing them into being as sociopolitical worlds that reflect the differing ways of experiencing and navigating planetary zones.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. Family child care (FCC) refers to regulated (licensed, certified, or registered) HBCC. Family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) care refers to HBCC that is legally exempt from licensing or other regulation, whether paid or unpaid. FFN care includes care given by grandparents, other relatives, and non-relatives. Home-based child care (HBCC) providers are a heterogeneous population of providers who offer care and education to children in their own or the child’s home. (Although we use “HBCC” throughout the report, we recognize the role providers play both caring for and educating children.) Providers’ HBCC status is fluid, and individuals’ roles may change—those who care for a few children who are related to them, whether with or without pay; those who offer care as a professional occupation and a business; those who care for children over many years; and those who care for children sporadically in response to changing family needs. We assume a variety of factors influence these patterns, which may shift over time.

      Essential knowledge for SECURE lab

    2. HBCC includes regulated (licensed, certified, registered) family child care (FCC) and care legally exempt from regulation (license-exempt) that is provided by family, friends, or neighbors (FFN).

      these are KEY TERMS for our project - learn these terms and acronyms: FCC and FFN are part of HBCC

  3. Sep 2021
    1. flavored vaping products

      Breathing in flavored nicotine product through a device. The device is... (need to look up)

      **Need to find a good description of a vape product

    2. Food and Drug Administration

      Important term to understand - What do they do, are they part of the government, how do they regulate things?

  4. Mar 2019
    1. Procedure The test aimed to find the relationship of study anxiety and academic performance among engineering students. Immediately participants giving a test, testing also aims to select trainees who have been identified in high anxiety and low academic performance were to participate in this training. The participants came to the lab and fill in the questionnaire include the S-Anxiety scale (STAI Form Y-1) and T-Anxiety scale (STAI Form Y-1). The STAI has 40 items of question and took approximately 20 minutes to complete. The students first read and answered if they had problems the researcher will guide students to answer the questions. This test was based on the faculty, after two weeks who have high levels of anxiety and low academic performance were offered to participate in this study. Result of the test was used to find out correlation between anxiety and academic performance.

      The authors explain the steps and procedures of the study and gives information about the way the research experiment will be executed. This is primary evidence as it is new information formulated and analysed by the authors to generate useful outcomes.



  5. Oct 2016