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  1. Nov 2022
    1. I am not particularly strict about how I organize these. The point is to be able to find them again, which I can whether it's noted in the source or as a more detailed claim.

      Konik cites Raccoon Nation on PBS which indicates that a racoon's most heightened sense is it's sense of touch, a sense which is increased when the hands are wet or under water.

      Is this tied into the popular stories of raccoons which presumably like to "wash their food?" Is it really their sense of touch and affordances which come from that that presses this impression?

  2. Dec 2015
    1. a home for the project that provides them with some open source credibility as well as a community of potential adoptees and participants.

      This part makes it sound even more like Open Washing. Apereo is a legitimate foundation for Open Source development and Blackboard entities entering by a side-door would be a dubious process. But we probably should be careful as to what this means for Apereo itself.

    2. the plugin work they wanted to do anyway

      Giving structure to an existing initiative.

    3. Moodlerooms, now owned by Blackboard Remote-Learner UK, now owned by Blackboard Netspot, now owned by Blackboard Nivel Siete, now owned by Blackboard

      During MoodleMoot, the notion that one organisation could “own” different institutional members of the Moodle Association was brushed away. But it sounds like a distinct possibility. Maybe not Blackboard but, say, a publishing house or an EdTech vendor…