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  1. Jul 2022
  2. Jan 2020
  3. Jan 2019
    1. Select Supports deep linking to allow instructors and course builders to launch the LTI tool and add content from the tool provider, rather than adding content through the Blackboard Learn interface. If the tool provider is configured so that the instructor can select multiple pieces of content in a single import, this tool can save time and simplify the workflow.

      I'm guessing that this should not be selected when installing the Hypothesis app. Current workflow moves through the Learn interface.

    2. Non-student tools are available for instructors and course builders. These tools appear in the Course Management section of an Original course and in the Books & Tools menu of an Ultra course.

      Hypothesis is definitely not a student tool as defined by BB.

      It is a "content type" tool that should be available to instructors and course designers.

  4. Nov 2018
    1. An Adult Learner Reflects on Technology in Higher Education

      Elizabeth Cox describes her experience as an adult learner and how technology has positively impacted that experience. She specifically mentions a few learning management systems and online tools and how they were excellent at making the course content available any time and any place. Rating: 5/5

  5. Nov 2017
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