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  1. Apr 2024
    1. each bird interacts only with its seven closest neighbors.

      adjacency - between - starling murmuration discovery of seven closest neighbors - cosmolocal impacts - cascading social tipping points - SIMPOL / SIMACT - adjacency statement - Could this finding of starling murmuration behavior also apply to collective human behavior, especially social tipping points?

  2. Jan 2024
    1. you don't start a feminist revolution by arguing with your dad. (Marjorie laughs) He might be the one who needs to change, but that doesn't mean that you start there. 00:22:55 You start by talking to each other. We need to come together. We need to have solidarity.
      • for: system change - where to start

      • paraphrase

        • You don't start a feminist revolution by arguing with your dad. He might be the one who needs to change, but that doesn't mean that you start there.
        • You start by talking to each other. We need to come together. We need to have solidarity.
        • We need to have a common narrative and analysis and understanding of what's happening.
        • And I think a common understanding of pathways of change and we need that core nucleus of people who really are working for system change.
        • I think that's where we start. And hopefully, the narrative and the clarity that we can bring will be compelling enough that we will win more hearts and minds
      • comment

        • cascading social tipping points
  3. Sep 2023
    1. our latest science at the Potsdam Institute shows that the Greenland Ice Sheet is connected to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet over the ocean circulation of heat. And that the whole AMOC, the North Atlantic overturning of heat, is slowing down because of the release of cold fresh water from the Greenland Ice Sheet. And when that slows down it locks in more warm surface water, saline surface water, in the Southern Ocean. 00:13:55 Which can explain why Antarctica is melting more rapidly than predicted.
      • for: cascading tipping points, cascading tipping points - Greenland - AMOC - Antarctica

      • highlights

        • latest research at PIK shows that the two poles are connected via the AMOC current.
          • Greenland ice sheet melt releasing cold fresh water is slowing down the North Atlantic overturning of heat.
          • The slowdown is keeping more warm saline water in place in the Southern Ocean, accelerating melting of the Antarctic ice sheet.
  4. Aug 2023
  5. Jul 2023
    1. we're also showing that these tipping elements are interconnected in 00:10:41 so-called Cascades
      • for: interdependent, emptiness, cascading tipping points
        • the Arctic which is warming three times faster than the planet on average
        • and releases cold fresh water into the North Atlantic slowing down the whole overturning of heat in the North Atlantic
        • which pushes the monsoon further south
        • which can explain droughts and forest fires over the Brazilian part of the Amazon
        • moreover the slowing down of overturning of heat means that more warm water is stuck in the Southern Ocean
        • which can explain why the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting faster than we had expected so there's a connection between the North Pole and the South Pole in this web of interactive tipping elements so
      • This is something we have to recognize we are today a big world on a very small planet and it's all interwired and we are interdependent now
  6. Jan 2023
    1. green and ice sheet accelerated melting warming four times faster than the planet as a whole releasing cold fresh water slowing down the overturning of heat in the North Atlantic pushing the whole Monsoon 00:02:24 system down further south causing droughts and forest fires over the Amazon rainforest one more tipping element system locking warm surface or water in the Southern Ocean accelerating the melting of the West Antarctic ice 00:02:36 sheet the North Pole is connected to the South Pole in regulating the stability of the entire Earth system

      !- cascading tipping points : example - melting Greenland glacier dumps cold fresh water into North Atlantic - excess cold water shows down the AMOC current - a slower AMOC causes monsoons to move further south - this causes drought and forest fires in Amazon rainforest and warms the southern oceans - warning southern oceans accelerates melting of Antarctica ice sheets

      !- comment : slowing AMOC - can also affect many other processes - https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/atlantic-ocean-currents-amoc/

  7. May 2022
    1. Similar to the way in which oil field executives were invited to Washington, DC, to help the United States mobilize during World War II, the hyper-response will adopt a similar approach to the task of building a new material security net. Leaders in the areas of renewable energy, zero emissions and ecological design, resource eagles, defense, and other relevant research and development fields, as well as tradespeople, will be invited to plan and deliver one of the largest engineering and human training and employment feats in world history. OP NewNet will jump-start humanity’s fight back against the hyperthreat.

      to achieve large mobilization, a cascading social tipping point strategy can be fruitful, coupled with a conditional onboarding such as employed in the Simpol strategy: https://www.simpol.ph/ Conditional onboarding works because, like crowdfunding, nobody needs to make any resource commitment unless sufficient momentum is demonstrated.