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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Contesting refers to the creation of crowdsourced data or prototypes for not yet existent uses for data. It is similar to modeling but with an oppositional rather than persuasive tone.

      Deploying a data-driven vision—what is missing? What can’t we see in the data and why?—was a rallying cry for participation to bring about increased accountability.

      [...] The juxtaposition of rating and lack of trust highlighted an alternate definition of “safety” that was markedly absent in the previous example of using govern-ment data on crime to make residents safe. One relied on a government-sponsored vision of “safety” while the other sought to foster increased accountability among law enforce-ment officers.

      Se podría decir que, por su orígenes en la gobernatón, nuestro enfoque ha sido contestatario y también hemos compartido la idea de mirar qué es lo asuente para iniciar un diálogo sobre el por qué y esto, alineado con lo que ocurre en Ferguson, contrasta visiones gubernamentales y ciudadanas de lo que es la participación.