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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Gwern’s suggestion for how to design internet communities to allow for conversation on different time scales:

      While done in the framing of Reddit, this general pattern is the one that is generally seen in the IndieWeb community with their online chat and wiki.

      Chat rooms + wiki = conversational ratchet for community goals

  2. Oct 2022
    1. PKM is coming full circle to be a framework for people to connect and make sense without jumping on airplanes and convening in fancy conference ballrooms. It’s using digital networks for people to understand people. PKM takes time and effort but not endless hours in airports, airplanes, taxis, and conference rooms. I embrace th

      I agree, it's all about the interaction and digital makes that easier, richer and ever more powerful. Reading that paragraph I also realise that my own practical interpretation is simultaneously one more of private knowledge management, rather than personal embedded in my network. Am happy to share my pkm practices, am happy to share most of the material I process in my pkm system, but the core of it feels private, perhaps due to seeing it as fragile still / less robust types of insights?

  3. Jun 2022