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  1. Dec 2023
    1. the idea of a game is really important and the rules of the game so what's happened is that to the extent that that we've we 00:39:33 have lost the common understanding of our reality then people start attacking the rules of the game and and that's you know going back to my work on conflict
      • for: adjacency - rules of the game - violence, dangers of not playing by the rules of the game

      • adjacency between

        • rules of the game
        • violence
      • adjacency statement
        • When people cannot agree on the rules of the democratic game, we are just one step away from violence
        • Homer-Dixon explores the relationship between environmental breakdown and violence in an earlier book
        • If you believe your "opponent" is not playing by the rules of the game, then they are outside the moral ambit of your community, and you can justify violence
        • Their status as a human being is no longer legitimate and they are dehumanized. Violence is now possible
        • Whenever a group feels another group is not playing by the rules of the game, it is a very dangerous situation as violence can be justified on these grounds
  2. Jun 2022