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    1. In this blog, we’ll discuss the concept of a milk subscription management system and see how its prolonged use can benefit milk and dairy delivery businesses. We also explore online milk management systems' benefits, shortfalls, and features. Hence, this blog is perfect for those who want to improve their milk delivery and management with integrated technology.

  3. Jun 2024
    1. The public’s attitudes diverge in similarways on some of the more severe behaviors in the scenario. Most prominently, 85% of Americansthink that Julie experiences online harassment when she begins to receive vulgar messages abouther looks and sexual behavior. But substantially fewer (although still a majority at 66%) think thatthe social media platform has an obligation to step in and address that behavior.

      So this explains it more people see it as harassment, but not all think the platform should step in, but they should if the student asks them to.

      So should we have a policy stating students cannot copy discussion board entries outside of the LMS without student permissions

    2. The public has a higher threshold for behaviors thatconstitute “online harassment” than for behaviors that necessitate a responsefrom social media platforms

      Not sure I completely understand this, I think if a post is shared publicly without the original people in the incident being asked, there should be grounds for a Civil suit and much of this would stop.

    3. Again,majorities agree that the platforms should step in to address behaviors such as threateningmessages.

      platforms are responsible to police

    4. ave found that online harassment is a common phenomenon in thedigital lives of many Americans, and that a majority of Americans feel harassment online is amajor problem.

      prevalence of online harassment

  4. May 2024
    1. As in traditional classroom presentations, there can alsobe requirements for other students to view, respond, andask questions of the presenter. A typical setup mightinclude a requirement that the presenting student postthe presentation on the weekend, that the class view thepresentation during the first half of the week, and post acomment or question by Wednesday. The presenter studentwould then need to return later in the week to respond tocomments and questions.

      Way to make presentations easier and allow for interactive discussions in class.

    2. To be successful in this class, youwill need to log in at least three times per week to accesscourse materials and to participate actively in the class.

      I like this multiple login requirement for students being stated.

    3. sample syllabus communication and engagementpolicy for an asynchronous online course, whichcommunicates an expectation for participation and thefoundation of a course architecture for engagement

      Sample syllabus for communication expectations

    4. face-to-face course syllabus does, butit must also set communication policies and expectationsfor online engagement as well as a course schedule thatoutlines the frequent and meaningful engagement andreflection required for students.

      syllabus is importing to setup up communication and learning space expectations

    5. we suggest that well-established fundamentalsof online course design and facilitation still need to reachand be accepted by a broader audience within highereducation, and that lingering perceptions about qualitydifferences between face-to-face and online educationsignify a professional development gap—one that can bebridged with training about active learning pedagogy andmodels for active learning in online asynchronous classes

      problem is a professional develop gap

    6. Perceptions ofquality deficiencies in online classes are sometimes based inassumptions that instructors are better able to engage withstudents, and to encourage more active learning, in face-to-face environments

      but is this really true with GenZ

    1. If the conversation gets too heated or off-topic, you may want to reach some sort of closure to the immediate discussion and defer the conversation to another class period, for which everyone can prepare.

      This article addresses discussion in on-ground classes as well

    1. Online educators who use discussion boards successfully estimatethat their interaction with students can be as much as three timesthe interaction with face-to-face students, and that peer-to-peerinteraction is even many times more than that.

      interesting -= this could be a reason for introducing discussions in face-to-face courses as well

    1. Managing online discussions of any kind can be a time-consuming endeavor, but it is the heart of a distance education course

      importance of online discussions

    2. For the first two weeks of a course, I leave detailed feedback in the gradebook comment section. If a student didn't meet the discussion expectations, I deduct points and refer them to the discussion guidelines.

      Importance of setting tone in 1st 2 weeks

    1. One way in which students report experiencing the social presenceof an instructor is the immediacy of response and type of feedbackreceived

      feedback - social presence

    1. Feedback is used as a means to improve performance. The process or system of learning and teaching within an online course can be modified or controlled using feedback.

      means to improve performance

    2. Garrison, Anderson & Archer (2001) define teaching presence as “the design, facilitation, and direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realizing personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes.”

      teaching presence design facilitation direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realizing personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes

    1. Humanizing intentionally creates a learning environment in which everyone is welcomed, supported, and recognized as capable of achieving their full  potential.

      welcoming everyone to achieve their full potential

    2. In humanized online courses, positive instructor-student relationships are prioritized and serve “as the connective tissue between students, engagement, and rigor” (Pacansky-Brock et al., 2020, p. 2). In any learning modality, human connection is the antidote for the emotional disruption that prevents many students from performing to their full potential and in online courses, creating that connection is even more important

      connective tissue between students, engagement and rigor is an interesting reason for not using AI graders etc all the time, which are getting enticed to do.

    3. Humanizing leverages learning science and culturally responsive teaching to create an inclusive, equitable online class climate for today’s diverse students.

      humanizing online learning

    1. The online teacher uses digital pedagogical tools that support communication, productivity, collaboration, analysis, presentation, research, content delivery, and interaction.

      k-12 online learning standards

    1. with higher levels of social presence in discussion postshad statistically significantly higher ratings on written assessmentmeasures. Both of the studies demonstrate that increased socialpresence gives students a stronger sense of community and is ef-fective for improving student learning

      or maybe they are just more engaged with the course, they are putting more into the course.

    2. robust theme in the reasons given for preferringface-to-face delivery formats is the perceived lack of interactionwith an instructor in online courses.This was evident in statementsthat suggested that students believe they would have to “teachthemselves”, or that they would prefer a course taught by a “hu-man” or a “real teacher”.

      need for instructor interaction

    3. Thus, being in the physical presence ofothers might give the illusion of interaction in face-to-face classeswhich presents a challenge for online learning. It is possible thatthe interaction to which students are referring involves mostlythe physical aspect of human interaction. Electronic interaction, nomatter how frequent, may not be filling that aspect of the students’needs for social interaction

      physical presence with others - illusion of interaction

    4. This suggests that students do not view onlinediscussion forums as equivalent to in-class interactions.

      discussion forums

    5. Because students are physically separated from the instructorin an online class, communication and timely responses becomeincreasingly important for students and therefore this physical sep-aration also affects student perceptions of the online learning envi-ronment (Delaney et al., 2010

      Importance of timely feedback in online courses

    6. udent perceptions may be based on old typologiesof distance education akin to correspondence courses, regardless of actual experience with onlinecourses, and 2) course preferences are related to issues involving teaching presence and self-regulated

      Student perceptions of face-to-face vs online learning

    1. Doing free work for a company to make THEIR place a better one, only because you were gamed into doing that. The solution is never contribute to anything that is controlled by private company.
    1. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to launch your food delivery app—the what, the whys, and the hows! Along with a step-by-step explanation of how to develop a food delivery app from the ground up, we offer insights into Food Delivery Software Solutions, revenue models, and food delivery market trends.

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    1. ‍ Benefits of having an online cricket ID

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      Features of Virat777

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      One of the standout features of Virat777 is the personalized cricket ID. By creating a cricket ID, you can tailor your experience to suit your preferences. Keep track of your favorite teams and players, receive match notifications, and access personalized content recommendations. With our innovative technology, your cricket ID becomes your gateway to a world of cricketing excitement.

      Our user-friendly interface ensures that navigating the platform is a breeze. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or someone who is new to online platforms, Virat777 is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Find what you're looking for with just a few clicks and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

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      How to create an online cricket ID on Virat777

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      Once you have created your cricket ID, you can start exploring the various features and services offered by Virat777. Customize your preferences, participate in quizzes and contests, and engage with the cricketing community. Your cricket ID is your passport to a world of cricketing excitement.

      Tips and strategies for using Virat777 effectively

      To make the most of your Virat777 experience, here are some tips and strategies:

      Customize your cricket ID: Take the time to personalize your cricket ID by selecting your favorite teams and players. This will ensure that you receive relevant updates and recommendations tailored to your preferences.

      Explore the content: Virat777 offers a wealth of exclusive content, including articles, videos, and interviews. Explore the content library and stay updated with the latest news and insights from the cricketing world.

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      Engage with the community: Virat777 has a vibrant community of cricket enthusiasts. Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and connect with fellow fans. Engaging with the community adds another layer of enjoyment to your cricketing experience.

      Popular cricket tournaments and leagues available on Virat777

      Virat777 offers a wide range of cricket tournaments and leagues for you to enjoy. From international fixtures to domestic tournaments, you'll find it all on our platform. Here are some of the popular cricket tournaments and leagues available on Virat777:

      ICC Cricket World Cup: The pinnacle of international cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup brings together the best teams from around the world. Experience the thrill of watching the top cricketing nations battle it out for the coveted trophy.

      Indian Premier League (IPL): The IPL is one of the most popular domestic T20 leagues in the world. With star-studded teams and exciting matches, the IPL offers non-stop entertainment for cricket fans.

      Big Bash League (BBL): The BBL is Australia's premier T20 competition, featuring top domestic and international players. Watch the high-octane action as teams compete for glory in this thrilling tournament.

      Pakistan Super League (PSL): The PSL is the premier T20 league in Pakistan, showcasing the best talent from the country and around the world. Experience the passion and excitement of Pakistani cricket with the PSL.

      Comparison with other online cricket ID providers While there are several online cricket ID providers available, Virat777 stands out from the crowd. Here's how Virat777 compares to other platforms: Streaming quality: Virat777 offers high-quality streaming with minimal buffering, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. Some other platforms may struggle with streaming quality, leading to frustration for users.

      Comprehensive match statistics: Virat777 provides detailed match analytics, giving users access to a wealth of information. Other platforms may offer limited statistics or lack in-depth analysis.

      Personalized content: Virat777 curates personalized content based on user preferences, ensuring that users receive recommendations tailored to their interests. This level of customization may be lacking in other platforms.

      Community engagement: Virat777 has a vibrant community of cricket enthusiasts, fostering engagement and interaction among users. Other platforms may not have the same level of community engagement.


      Why Virat777 is the best choice for online cricket Fans

      When it comes to online cricket ID provider, Virat777 is the clear winner. With its wide range of features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to delivering a top-quality cricket experience, Virat777 is the ultimate destination for cricket enthusiasts. Create your cricket ID today and elevate your love for the game at Virat777.

    1. Facebook marketplace, set location in various regions. (Ymmv)Ebay (flooded with junk, diamonds in the rough are either overpriced or seller wants high shipping)Auctionninja.com (like shopgoodwill, but higher quality items on average and higher final bids on interesting items)Hibid.com (I've gotten a thing or two here)Estatesales.net (I've gotten good deals here)Estatesales.org (usually redirects to respective company sites to bid there)Shopgoodwill.com (hard to win bids on interesting items)Goodwillfinds.com (the higher end/rarer items they receive go here, so higher prices)Craigslist (usually baren of typewriters)Kijiji (I don't find much that's both interesting and feasible to ship)Etsy (meh, overpriced)
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    1. each individual has a certain measure of control in how his/her self is presented to the rest of the group.

      a potential benefit of online communication

  7. Jan 2024
  8. Dec 2023
    1. 칸아카데미의 미션은 세계적인 수준의 교육을 전 세계 누구에게나 무료로 제공하는 것입니다.
    1. Readwise Reader

      A great article on the history of reading online that might just nudge me into trying out and eventually becoming a Reader paid subscriber.

    1. Are you two serious? Instead of advocating to fix this bug you go out of your way to post another bug report to advocate the devs to dig in their heels?! How about standardizing some devastating needed questions in the technology industry: 1. How does this help productive members of society? 2. Does this serve a useful purpose? 3. Should I be doing this? 4. Have I had a full, non-interrupted, rational conversation with multiple people who disagrees to help determine if I have objectively determined my answers to the first three questions?
  9. Nov 2023
    1. 36% of Salesforce customers that have bought other companies’ cloud products – like Service Cloud, Sales or Marketing Cloud – have also purchased Community Cloud. In addition to that, 21% of respondents intend to purchase Community Cloud in the very near future. If this is true, more than 50% of the most active Salesforce customers will use Community Cloud actively for their business needs very soon. And all of that within two years of the product launch!

      These numbers suggest a growing preference for Community Cloud among Salesforce's most active user base, so that underscores a substantial opportunity for businesses to enhance their Salesforce experience through Community Cloud integration.

    1. Posted byu/[deleted]3 years agoArchivedHow do you politely tell someone they’re breathing heavily into their microphone?

      This is a problem with one new participant of a session I take part in regularly. I have been too polite to say anything, but the breathing is constant and loud. I am sure everyone is annoyed but no-one wants to be the bad guy. I wish the meeting's host would do everyone a favor and say something or mute the offender, thus creating a less distracting environment for all.

      When people aren't aware of basic mic etiquette and don't develop the habit of turning off their mic except when talking, this happens. Reminding people to turn off mic or enforcing it is in my opinion squarely the host's responsibility.

      I think those who participate in online meetings (this means many of us) should develop greater self-awareness and learn proper online etiquette.

  10. Oct 2023
    1. Google is free, do not pay to learn about bullet journaling. .t3_17a8wnt._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; }

      Google is free, do not pay to learn about anything...

    1. https://udenver.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuceuspzkuE9VomnEaGva1HH1ra_iS4Eua?ref=jessestommel.com#/registration

      Some related ideas that are suggesting some sort of thesis for improving the idea of ungrading: - We measure the things we care about. - In Education, we care about learning and understanding, but measuring these outside of testing and evaluation is difficult at best (therefor ungrading). - No one cares about your GPA six months after you graduate. - Somehow we've tied up evaluations and grades into the toxic capitalism and competition within US culture. Some of this is tied into educational movements related to Frederick Winslow Taylor and Harvards Eliot. - Hierarchies instituted by the Great Chain of Being have confounded our educational process.

  11. Sep 2023
    1. The “major” blues scale Some improvisers find it helpful to think of a major blues scale. The difference between a major and minor pentatonic scale is identical to the difference between the major and minor blues scale: the major blues scale is a rotation of the blues scale of its relative minor. Begin the blues scale on me (↓^3)(↓3^)(\downarrow\hat3), and you will get a blues scale for the relative major. These relationships are summarized in Example 5
    1. Within the expansive realm of video games, there exists a special niche devoted to the heartwarming and charming aspects of gaming – known as cute games. These delightful creations provide players with an opportunity to immerse themselves in enchanting worlds brimming with charm, whimsy, and an abundance of adorable elements.

    1. What are the best online games for girls? There are several choices available when it comes to the best online games for girls, catering to different preferences and interests. Here are some prominent genres and particular kinds of games that appeal to girls:

    1. Embark on a whimsical journey through enchanting realms with Princess Games for Girls. Rule kingdoms, solve puzzles, and dress up royalty in dazzling gowns. Adventure awaits as you unlock magical powers, befriend fantastical creatures, and create your fairy tale happily ever after in this captivating world of princesses.

  12. Aug 2023
    1. We are already seeing the emergence of ‘tech-free’ camps and vacation packages. Experiencing life ‘offline’ will become a generational goal, much like the Millennial generation introduced ride sharing and home sharing. Ironically, it will be technology that enables this trend, and premiums will be paid for uninterrupted time to focus or to simply enjoy being alive. This may also indicate a new kind of disparity between economic strata, with the more-wealthy affording privacy, peace and quiet while the lower strata remain fodder for 24/7 social media aggregators and botnets.
      • for: futures, digital futures, online vs offline role reversal, inequality
      • quote
      • paraphrase
        • We are already seeing the emergence of
          • ‘tech-free’ camps and
          • ' tech-free' vacation packages
        • Experiencing life ‘offline’ will become a generational goal,
          • much like the Millennial generation introduced ride sharing and home sharing.
        • Ironically, it will be technology that enables this trend, and premiums will be paid for uninterrupted time to focus or to simply enjoy being alive.
        • This may also indicate a new kind of disparity between economic strata, with
          • the more-wealthy affording privacy, peace and quiet while
          • the lower strata remain fodder for 24/7 social media aggregators and botnets.
      • author: Sam Adams
        • 24 year veteran of IBM
        • senior AI research scientist, RTI International
    2. We lived in a relatively unregulated digital world until now. It was great until the public realized that a few companies wield too much power today in our lives. We will see significant changes in areas like privacy, data protection, algorithm and architecture design guidelines, and platform accountability, etc. which should reduce the pervasiveness of misinformation, hate and visceral content over the internet.
      • for: quote, quote - Prateek Raj, quote - internet regulation, quote - reducing misinformation, fake news, indyweb - support
      • quote
        • We lived in a relatively unregulated digital world until now.
        • It was great until the public realized that a few companies wield too much power today in our lives.
        • We will see significant changes in areas like
          • privacy,
          • data protection,
          • algorithm and
          • architecture design guidelines, and
          • platform accountability, etc.
        • which should reduce the pervasiveness of
          • misinformation,
          • hate and visceral content
        • over the internet.
        • These steps will also reduce the power wielded by digital giants.
        • Beyond these immediate effects, it is difficult to say if these social innovations will create a more participative and healthy society.
        • These broader effects are driven by deeper underlying factors, like
          • history,
          • diversity,
          • cohesiveness and
          • social capital, and also
          • political climate and
          • institutions.
        • In other words,
          • just as digital world is shaping the physical world,
          • physical world shapes our digital world as well.
      • author: Prateek Raj
        • assistant professor in strategy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
    3. Our first attempts at building community online have had both good and bad outcomes. We know them all. But would we have expected otherwise? We are new at digital communities and are inventing them as we move forward. Of course we aren’t going to get it right the first time. But the key question is whether these technologies help us form social bonds or not. Anyone who has posted a question in a forum and received an answer from a stranger knows firsthand that they bring us together.
      • for: quote, quote - Byron Reese, quote - digital communities, quote - online communities, indyweb - support
      • quote
        • Our first attempts at building community online have had both good and bad outcomes.
        • We know them all. But would we have expected otherwise?
        • We are new at digital communities and are inventing them as we move forward.
        • Of course we aren’t going to get it right the first time. But the key question is whether these technologies help us form social bonds or not.
        • Anyone who has posted a question in a forum and received an answer from a stranger knows firsthand that they bring us together.
      • author: Byron Reese
        • futurist
        • author of "The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity"
    1. Get ready to unleash your culinary creativity with the captivating cooking games for girls at CuteDressUp! Embark on a delightful adventure in the virtual kitchen and hone your skills as a talented chef. From baking mouthwatering cakes to preparing scrumptious meals, these games offer a perfect blend of fun and learning. With their charming graphics and engaging gameplay, the cooking games at CuteDressUp provide an enjoyable experience for aspiring chefs of all ages. So put on your chef's hat, grab your utensils, and let the culinary magic begin!

    1. Explore a world of imagination and style with CuteDressUp – the ultimate destination for play dress up games tailored for girls. Unleash creativity as you mix and match outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to create stunning looks. From princesses to everyday fashion, embark on a fashion-filled adventure that sparks joy and endless fun!

    1. Cutedressup offers an enchanting collection of princess games tailored specifically for girls. Dive into a magical world filled with captivating adventures, dress-up options, and imaginative role-playing. Whether you dream of being a graceful princess in a sparkling gown or embark on thrilling quests in enchanted kingdoms, Cutedressup provides an exciting and captivating gaming experience that will transport you to a world of fantasy and wonder. Let your inner princess shine and indulge in the delight of playing princess games designed just for you at Cutedressup.

    1. Cutedressup offers an exciting collection of doctor games specifically designed for girls. Step into the shoes of a doctor and experience the thrill of saving lives, diagnosing patients, and performing virtual surgeries. With adorable graphics, engaging gameplay, and a wide range of medical scenarios, these games provide a fun and educational experience for young aspiring doctors.

  13. Jul 2023
    1. Over the past few years, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of celebrity games, captivating both fans and gamers. While these games are primarily recognized for their ability to entertain, it raises an intriguing question: can celebrity games also possess educational value?

  14. Jun 2023
    1. One of my favorite ways that creative people communicate is by “working with their garage door up,” to riff on a passage from Robin Sloan (below). This is the opposite of the Twitter account which mostly posts announcements of finished work: it’s Screenshot Saturday; it’s giving a lecture about the problems you’re pondering in the shower; it’s thinking out loud about the ways in which your project doesn’t work at all. It’s so much of Twitch. I want to see the process. I want to see you trim the artichoke. I want to see you choose the color palette. Anti-marketing.

      other things that came to mind:

      • social/collective annotation like Hypothesis
      • publishing notes online through digital gardens, etc
      • online journaling
  15. May 2023
    1. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen or designing the perfect bakery, these cooking games for girls offer endless opportunities for fun, creativity, and culinary exploration. So put on your chef's hat, grab your apron, and get ready to whip up some delicious meals and desserts!

    1. The world of EgirlGames is filled with exciting activities and challenges. You can participate in fashion competitions, attend concerts and parties, and even create your own virtual boutique to sell your favorite Egirl fashion items.

    1. Get ready to enter the magical world of Winx Club, where fairy powers and adventure await! In these exciting Winx Club games, you'll get to join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha on their epic quests to save the universe from the forces of darkness.

    1. Welcome to the world of Celebrity Games, where you can step into the shoes of your favorite stars and experience their lives like never before! Each celebrity has its own unique storyline, challenges, and goals to achieve, so you can play the game that best fits your interests.

    1. Shopaholic Games offers a fun and immersive shopping experience that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. With its intuitive gameplay, colorful graphics, and addictive challenges, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to satisfy their inner shopaholic while also developing their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities.

    1. Cute games are a genre of video games that feature charming and endearing characters, colorful graphics, and fun, lighthearted gameplay. These games often appeal to a wide audience, including children and adults who enjoy playful and cheerful experiences.

    1. low degree of immediacy and spontaneity

      Online synchronous tutoring is not as urgent and spontaneous as in-person. Some writers might struggle with communication, or find the platform difficult to use.

  16. Apr 2023
    1. Twitter is a neat illustration of the problem with benevolent dictatorships: they work well, but fail badly. Because they are property — not protocols — they can change hands, and overnight, you get a new, malevolent dictator who wants to retool the system for extraction, rather than collaboration.

      Benevolent dictatorships: work well; fail badly

      Twitter is the example listed here. But I wonder about benevolent dictatorships in open source. One example: does Linus have a sound succession plan for Linux? (Can such a succession plan even be tested and adjusted?)

  17. Mar 2023
    1. Wesentlich gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, wurde in den Jahren 1997 und 1998 das gesamte Zettelarchiv des Wörterbuches der ägyptischen Sprache, insgesamt 1,5 Millionen Blätter, verfilmt und digitalisiert. Dadurch wurde dieses einmalige Archiv auch erstmals gesichert.

      With support from the German Research Foundation, the 1.5 million sheets of the Wörterbuch der ägyptischen Sprache began to be digitized and put online in 1997.

    1. Unfortunately all SMS/voice gateway are owned by paid services, thus there is no such thing as open-source, that I can recommend.
    2. Fortunately, we found RingCaptcha (https://ringcaptcha.com), which has a the 'starter plan' that offers free 500 OTP monthly. Just a small plug for them for providing freemium service; they are highly reliable because they are integrated with all major global, and regional providers, e.g., Twilio, Nexmo, Infobip, MessageBird, etc., and send your OTP through the best provider/route based on country/phone carrier, and can auto fallback to alternative paths. This means you just need to integrate with RingCaptcha, without the headache of deciding which SMS/voice OTP provider has best combination of price and reliability, which is a real headache when you are sending OTP world-wide.
  18. Feb 2023
    1. mos en condiciones de cambiar nuestros hábitos de lectura y compartir nuestras lecturas con otros.

      Me parece una buena forma para poder trabajar en comunidad online

    1. RTP Live Pragmatic Terbaru Dari Slot Online Jackpot Maxwin

      RTP Live Pragmatic Terbaru Dari Slot Online Jackpot Maxwin 1. Baccarat 2. Blackjack 3. Dragon Tiger 4. Roulette 5. Sic Bo 6. Spin Wheel 7. Sexy Gaming

  19. Jan 2023
    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
    1. Since 2015 a digitalized card index of Greek functionwords in Coptic is available online (as part of the DDGCL)

      A digitized version of Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten has been available online since 2015.

    1. Richter, Tonio Sebastian. “Whatever in the Coptic Language Is Not Greek, Can Wholly Be Considered Ancient Egyptian”: Recent Approaches towards an Integrated View of the Egyptian-Coptic Lexicon.” Journal of the Canadian Society for Coptic Studies. Journal de La Société Canadienne Pour Les Études Coptes 9 (2017): 9–32. https://doi.org/10.11588/propylaeumdok.00004673.

      Skimmed for the specifics I was looking for with respect to Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten.

    2. It is a digitizedcard index containing about 15,000 token attestations of 150 types of Greek prepositions, conjunctions andparticles in Coptic from the whole range of Coptic dialects and types of text, arranged on the basis ofa detailedanalysis of their semantic and syntactic properties. This admirable work was conducted by Gertrud Bauer towhom this article is dedicated, in the 1970s and 1980s under the auspices of Alexander Bbhlig at the University ofTubingen. With Gertrud Bauer’s kind permission to make use of her work, we scanned the originalslips and slotted them into a database replicating the hierarchical structure of the original compilation It is ourpleasure to provide the public with a new lexicographical tool which helps to cope with a particularly difficultand interesting kind of Greek loanwords in Coptic.

      This repeats chunks of prior notes from https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/en/e/ddglc/bauer-db/index.html, but is a better published/referenceable verion of it than just the web page.

      Link to : - https://hypothes.is/a/nrqq3JXqEe2i5TOTRdgmQg - https://hypothes.is/a/uCcDTJXnEe2nZFtz8Aa_LQ

    3. The DDGLC data are not accessible online as of yet. A migration of the database and the data into aMySQL target system is underway and will allow us to offer an online user interface by the end of 2017 Whatwe can already offer now is a by-product of our work, the Gertrud Bauer Zettelkasten Online.6'

      61 Available online at http://research.uni-leipzig.de/ddglc/bauerindex.html. The Work on this parergon to the lexicographical labors of the DDGLC project was funded by the Gertrud-und Alexander Böhlig-Stiftung. The digitization of the original card index was conducted by temporary collaborators and volunteers in the DDGLC project: Jenny Böttinger, Claudia Gamma, Tami Gottschalk, Josephine Hensel, Katrin John, Mariana Jung, Christina Katsikadeli, and Elen Saif. The IT concept and programming were carried out by Katrin John and Maximilian Moller.

      Digitization of Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten was underway in 2017 to put the data into a MySQL database with the intention of offering it as an online user interface sometime in 2017.

    1. After browsing through a variety of the cards in Gertrud Bauer's Zettelkasten Online it becomes obvious that the collection was created specifically as a paper-based database for search, retrieval, and research. The examples and data within it are much more narrowly circumscribed for a specific use than those of other researchers like Niklas Luhmann whose collection spanned a much broader variety of topics and areas of knowledge.

      This particular use case makes the database nature of zettelkasten more apparent than some others, particularly in modern (post-2013 zettelkasten of a more personal nature).

      I'm reminded here of the use case(s) described by Beatrice Webb in My Apprenticeship for scientific note taking, by which she more broadly meant database creation and use.

    2. https://userpage.fu-berlin.de/johnkatrin/bauer1/index.html

      The digitized and online version of Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten.

      Search fields: - simple search - ID - Lemma - card type - Dialect - Use

    1. In summer 2010, Professor Peter Nagel of Bonn forwarded seven cardboard boxes full of lexicographical slips to the DDGLC office, which had been handed over to him in the early '90s by the late Professor Alexander Böhlig.

      In the 1990s Professor Alexander Böhlig of the University of Tuebingen gave Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten to Professor Peter Nagel of Bonn. He in turn forwardd the seven cardboard boxes of slips to the Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC) office for their use.

    2. The development of the Gertrud Bauer Zettelkasten Online was funded 2010 – 2015 by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Gertrud-und-Alexander-Böhlig-Stiftung.
    1. Gwern’s suggestion for how to design internet communities to allow for conversation on different time scales:

      While done in the framing of Reddit, this general pattern is the one that is generally seen in the IndieWeb community with their online chat and wiki.

      Chat rooms + wiki = conversational ratchet for community goals

  20. Dec 2022
    1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuJbg6eLC7Y3shnika1fdfHifoUPOeEp7

      Frank was a middle grades teacher before retiring and now teaches a school online. He's done so for 7+ years starting at the 7th/8th grade level and moving upward each year.

    1. Alas, lawmakers are way behind the curve on this, demanding new "online safety" rules that require firms to break E2E and block third-party de-enshittification tools: https://www.openrightsgroup.org/blog/online-safety-made-dangerous/ The online free speech debate is stupid because it has all the wrong focuses: Focusing on improving algorithms, not whether you can even get a feed of things you asked to see; Focusing on whether unsolicited messages are delivered, not whether solicited messages reach their readers; Focusing on algorithmic transparency, not whether you can opt out of the behavioral tracking that produces training data for algorithms; Focusing on whether platforms are policing their users well enough, not whether we can leave a platform without losing our important social, professional and personal ties; Focusing on whether the limits on our speech violate the First Amendment, rather than whether they are unfair: https://doctorow.medium.com/yes-its-censorship-2026c9edc0fd

      This list is particularly good.

      Proper regulation of end to end services would encourage the creation of filtering and other tools which would tend to benefit users rather than benefit the rent seeking of the corporations which own the pipes.

    1. I am not afraid of Charlie because he writes extreme, offensive things online. I am afraid of him because I recognize so many of his proclivities in regular people—the shifting eyes, the formless references and mental absence. If you spend all of your time consuming internet culture, you are consuming stories and myths and personalities that only exist online. To curate your online presence is to give up a piece of your physical self, to live in a simulated universe of your own creation. 
    2. When you meet extremely online people, you would expect them to at least talk. The best internet personalities come off as sharp and funny online and possess a natural digital fluency that conveys a degree of social skill. Even if they are not necessarily normal, you might expect that the strongest posters would be anti-social geniuses—brilliant minds trapped in tortured bodies, released onto the timeline. But in person, they stare straight ahead, pull out their phones, and show you their sharp, funny comments from the internet, then find a way to end the conversation quickly if you don’t have enough mutual followers.
    3. The innovation of Milady was reminding people that you can technically say anything you want online, if you just embrace that none of it matters. There is nothing physically stopping any of us from logging onto Twitter right now and typing pages and pages of literally anything. We decided to make the internet boring. We decided to care. You could inscribe yourself on every wall on the internet and no one can tell you “no.” 
    4. Internet people, or people whose entire identities are wrapped up in their online presence, represent a new direction of culture. You don’t have to live in or know about the real world to be important. You can loop around and around in a tiny online world with its own values and characters, and that is enough.