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  1. Sep 2016
    1. To allow people to create their own personal space would be to give them the right to housing and to remove the damaging stereotypes of laziness and need for charity. If the homeless are seen as independent individuals, a system they can succeed in would have to replace the custom of sporadic and patronizing charity.
    2. opprobrium

      a cause or object of such disgrace or reproach


    3. A tourist’s map will guide a visitor to theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, and museums. Meanwhile, every unprofitable location is treated as an abyss on traditional city maps.

      This is an important thought. There is so much more to a city then just locations designated good enough for tourists. Sometimes the best places to see when traveling are the ones you stumble upon by accident.

    4. chimerical
    1. Similarly, upon seeing a bridge, or a one-way street, or a street sign, many people tend to think that these are just features of a place—innocuous and

      These are common architectural features that we see everyday. At first you would not assume that they were built as a form of exclusion. This article is really eye-opening because it points out many overlooked forms of exclusion in our communities.