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  1. Oct 2021
    1. I like minimal languages and I have dwelled in the realm of Smalltalk minimalism for a long time, and as a Smalltalker I am also accustomed to a very high level of productivity, interactivity and sophistication of development environment. Nim may be productive once you get going - in fact - many people say they indeed are. But when it comes to interactivity and development environment, its very … early in the game.
  2. Sep 2021
    1. we write code as text but think hard about all possible effects in the running system after a series of transformations. In other words, we simulate the computer in our head, while sitting in front of a computer—a powerful simulation machine.

      Resuena con lo que hemos dicho en la comunidad de Grafoscopio, de no similar el computador en la cabeza, de ahí la importacia del live coding y los metasistemas, programados en sí mismos.

    1. The answer to the query above is that they both spend much of their time analyzing corpses. Pathologists analyze dead people; programmers analyze dead programs. A live program is dynamic; it changes over time; it is animated. A program is alive when it's running. When you work on a program in a text editor, it is dead. A live program has behavior, and that behavior is what we are interested in. It is very hard to discern the behavior of an organism on the basis of an autopsy. Did dinosaurs care for their young? If only we could look at some live dinosaurs and see.
  3. Feb 2018
    1. Inducir a la gente a componer con instrumentos predefinidos no puede dar lugar a un modo de producción diferente del autorizado por dichos instrumentos (

      Rasberry Pi y otros sistemas de Live Coding, introducirían nuevas maneras de hacer música.

  4. Oct 2017
    1. Tanto Leo como Grafoscopio tienen limitaciones (y propósitos distintos). Sin embargo, en el caso de Grafoscopio, siento que puedo englobar y superar dichas limitaciones más fácilmente, no tanto porque lo hice desde el comienzo, sino por el entorno de live coding que me permite explorar y modificar el entorno en caliente.



  5. Sep 2015
    1. In programming languages like C++, C# or Java a class usually would be defined in a source code. A class definition file (Desktop.cpp/ Desktop.cs/ Desktop.java) in these languages would be a dumb text definition file fed into a compiler to verify and translate.In an interactive and lively system like Pharo a class could be created like any other object by sending instance creation methods. The reason is simple: in a pure OO environment anything is an object, so even a class is an object. Remember: there are only objects and messages.

      Una muestra de "live coding" (vía objetos) versus "static code" (vía archivos).

      An examples of "live coding" (via objects) versus "static code" (via files).