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  1. Dec 2021
    1. A plumber was a man who used lead for many reasons. Since lead was very malleable and had a low melting temperature it was employed quite a great deal to seal and repair.Pipes used to be connected and secured just as they are at present, although now we use plastics or ceramics.
    2. One may think that the pipes leading to the sink, and the job of installing or maintaining them is described as plumbing since pipes were previously made with lead and the Latin word for lead was plumbum (consequently the elemental letters Pb).While this fact is absolutely valid, it is additionally true that plumbers were once employed in additional ways than installing pipes when the phrase plumber originally became popular in French then English within a century around the 14th Century A.D.
    3. Furthermore, lead is very weighty and so it was often used in the role of a weight. At the end of a twine hung to be certain of a perpendicular line it is described as a plumb bob. Persons in charge of water workings earlier than the era of dependable pressure systems had to fall back on on gravity defined methods and so accurate lines and levels were essential.
  2. Nov 2020
  3. Oct 2020
    1. This library takes inspiration from Tailwind and utilizes Otion to provide means of efficiently generating atomic styles from shorthand syntax and appending them to the DOM at runtime.
  4. May 2020
    1. Customizability is a popular word that arose of jargon in software and computer related circles . It is not yet a formally recognized and would not be correct utilized it is not yet a formally recognized and would not be correct utilized in formal writing outside of its common reference to the flexibility of a design and it's ability to be altered to fit the user.
    1. The folks at Netlify created Netlify CMS to fill a gap in the static site generation pipeline. There were some great proprietary headless CMS options, but no real contenders that were open source and extensible—that could turn into a community-built ecosystem like WordPress or Drupal. For that reason, Netlify CMS is made to be community-driven, and has never been locked to the Netlify platform (despite the name).

      Kind of an unfortunate name...

  5. Apr 2020
    1. The common law—so named because it was "common" to all the king's courts across England—originated in the practices of the courts of the English kings in the centuries following the Norman Conquest in 1066.[10] The British Empire spread the English legal system to its colonies, many of which retain the common law system today. These "common law systems" are legal systems that give great weight to judicial precedent, and to the style of reasoning inherited from the English legal system.