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  1. Feb 2023
  2. Nov 2022
  3. Oct 2022
    1. created an ancillary tool, named Yardstick, which verifies YARD (or RDoc) documentation coverage.
  4. Jan 2022
  5. Oct 2021
  6. Sep 2021
    1. It is a descendent of the "Object Mother" pattern for creating objects for testing, and is related to the concept of an "object exemplar" or stereotype.

      Object Daddy < Object Mother

  7. Jul 2021
  8. Jun 2021
    1. As you read along, you’ll begin to notice UI designer is just another word for a foodie—we love to name our UI elements after food.
  9. May 2021
    1. die-hard fans of filter-branch may be interested in filter-lamely (a.k.a. filter-branch-ish), a reimplementation of filter-branch based on filter-repo which is more performant
  10. Apr 2021
    1. Wehrlegig Games

      At first I thought it was German (like Wehrmacht), but I guess it's a play on his name, Cole Wehrle

  11. Mar 2021
  12. Feb 2021
    1. Tyrant "Freedom choked in dread we live, since tyrant was enthroned."
  13. Oct 2020
    1. This library takes inspiration from Tailwind and utilizes Otion to provide means of efficiently generating atomic styles from shorthand syntax and appending them to the DOM at runtime.
  14. Sep 2020
    1. Yup itself is heavily inspired by Joi and if you ever used Hapi.js you probably used Joi too.
  15. Jul 2020
  16. Apr 2020
    1. I also host a weekly podcast called The Console Log.
  17. Mar 2020
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