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  1. Sep 2023
    1. you accidentally presumed reality is not made of information but is instead made of some substance that behaves like information and can be describable by 01:25:58 information you philosophically decided that matter energy space or time are distinctly not information because you accepted the deduction that we're unlikely to be in the one material or 01:26:12 real reality that runs the simulation so you defaulted to a materialism philosophy without even thinking about it
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      • good observation, that's why I have always felt strange about the simulation hypothesis. If it's a simulation, it automatically assumes, there is something which is real and not a simulation.

        • See Donald Hoffman's Information theory and contention that we live in a simulation. Does it also come with the same implicit materialist assumption?
        • The nagging thing about the simulation theories is it is also a narrative that posits an unknowable reality beyond which we can never access - a rendition of the narrative that we only ever have access to the shadows in Plato's cave.
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