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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Typically, double terminators are used to stop transcription. Because these parts can be up to ∼168 bp of DNA, this use of double terminators can lead to homologous recombination when used at multiple locations in a design

      double terminators

      Did you test the double terminator strength against your library?

  2. Jan 2020
    1. use of the strong UAAU signal in highly expressed genes and for the occurrence of the weaker UGAC signal at several recording sites.

      three types of recoding events: stop-codon readthrough, –1 ribosome frameshifting and translational bypassing

      (Rodnina, Marina V., et al. "Translational recoding: canonical translation mechanisms reinterpreted." Nucleic acids research (2019).)

    1. suggestive of protein extension, especially at UGA codons, which rely exclusively on the reduced function RF2 variant of the K-12 strain for termination