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  1. Sep 2023
    1. We have a new online ordering system for Just Right Lunch which you will find very simple and user friendly. The website is https://justrightlunch.com/. Simply click on the blue button “Place Order Here”. This will take you to the order page. After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation listing the lunch items you wish to purchase.

      If you have already placed orders for upcoming dates on the old system, there is no need to enter your orders on the new site. They will all be brought into the new system automatically. This new order system is for your future orders.

      We are also now offering a larger size lunch option.

      Just some reminders: <br /> - Advance ordering: Orders must be placed by 9:30 pm on our website, the day before lunch. There are no same day meal orders taken. <br /> - Emergency Lunches: If your student requires a same day emergency lunch, we will gladly serve them. Please contact the office that morning. This lunch will be charged to you at $7.25.

      You can pay by Zelle using the information Bridget Khraich 626-664-5294 or by dropping off a check at the school office. Please make the check payable to Just Right Lunch.

      For any IT, lunch confirmation or billing questions, please contact kathy.justrightlunch@gmail.com For any other concerns, please contact Bridget, her email address is justrightlunch@gmail.com

      We are enjoying getting to know your children.

      Thank you, Bridget Khraich

  2. Jun 2023
  3. Jun 2015
    1. Making clear what students need to know and be able to do, not only in a specific assignment or class, but across the experiences that lead to a college degree, is a necessary base. It requires clear criteria about what will count as meeting the goal that has been set

      This is the goal -- or at least I think it is -- of competency, mastery-based learning and of open badges. One thing I love about looking at Alverno's 8 Abilities like I did this morning is to see two things: First, the over-arching 8 remain more or less the same for almost 40 years. And second, there is a constant revision, re-owning, re-thinking of the skills under each ot the abilities (thus the history of the changes).

  4. May 2015
    1. five critical questions

      There's a lot to learn about the leadership and vision shown by these questions and this process.

      1. We want to know what the burning issues are in your field, and we want to know how you are dealing with these issues in your general courses and in the advanced courses.

      2. What so important in your classes that everybody needs to learn it?

      3. Let's forget credits and course requirements. Instead tell us what students need to know to be successful in your department.

      4. Let's assume that your work with students is one piece of a larger picture. How do you think they might connect the work in your classes with their work in other classes? Let's think about the connections, not just hope they get there.

      5. We value the liberal arts and professional learning. How do you see the two interacting.

      The scheduled discussions make clear that this is a self-research project. This is what we need to do in schools at all levels.