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    1. the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its “synthesis” report summarizing the findings of its sixth assessment (the last occurred in 2014). The findings are painfully familiar: the world is falling far short of its emission goals, and without rapid reductions this decade, the planet is likely to shoot to beyond 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius of warming this century (we are at 1.1 degrees now). We seem to be stuck in a doom-loop news cycle where scientific reports create headlines, and earnest climate commentators insist the new report represents a true “wake-up call” for action, and then . . . emission keep rising. They hit a record once again in 2022. The world of climate politics appears to exist in two completely different worlds. There is a largely liberal and idealist world of climate technocrats where science informs policy, and there is the real, material capitalist world of power.
      • A good observation
        • about the cognitive dissonance of the situation
    1. Elle s'est plongée dans le journal intime de sa sœur 3 168 vues 20 mars 2023 Brut Brut Validé 1,64 M d’abonnés Abonné Abonné 229 J'aime ce contenu Je n'aime pas ce contenu Partager Partager Télécharger Télécharger 3 168 vues 20 mars 2023 3 168 vues • 20 mars 2023 Elle avait 21 ans et rêvait de devenir écrivaine. Après des années de harcèlement scolaire, elle s'est suicidée, laissant derrière elle son journal intime. Ses mots, sa sœur Agathe a choisi de les publier dans un roman, son roman : Le Livre de Liane. Elle raconte son histoire.
    1. This line gives me the impression that the two subjects are like the two sides of a coin completely different but empirically linked. In that sense it's incredible that the two subjects have not overlapped very often in terms of those doing research on the subject before, because logically researching the direct counterpart to your area of study seems like an obvious decision. Perhaps even as a way to think of it so as to help bridge the gap between the two subjects more, is that social movements whilst being the antithesis of civil society, actually fit into civil society. civil society has placed within it for social movements and whilst yes social movements typically rally against the established norms, social movements come from within a civil society and are an attempt by the members of a civil society to better the society itself.

    1. Graeber, David. Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2023.

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  3. Feb 2023
    1. High February temperatures have India already bracing for more heatwaves Karishma Mehrotra, The Washington Post

      Indien verzeichnet die frühesten je festgestellten Hitzewellen. Der verkürzte Frühling gefährdet die Lebensmittelversorgung. Da der Strombedarf durch die Hitze steigt, wird in Kraftwerken wesentlich mehr importierte Kohle verfeuert.

    1. Extrem starke Regenfälle haben in diesem Winter eine dreijährige Dürre in Kalifornien unterbrochen. Davor war der Grundwasserspiegel vor allem durch Übernutzung über Jahrzehnte gesunken. Das veraltete Wasserrecht hat verhindert, dass die Überflutungen wirksam zur Entnahme und Speicherung von Wasser genutzt wurden.

    1. In Norditalien setzt sich die Dürre-Situation des vergangenen Jahres fort, weil - wie in Frankreich - im Winter lange kein Regen gefallen ist. Der Wasserstand des Po ist extrem niedrig. Maßnahmen zur Kontrolle des Wasserverbrauchs sind unter der Rechtsregierung noch schwieriger durchzusetzen als in der Regierungszeit Draghis.

    1. They’re entirely convincing until they speak about the political and economic ideas at the heart of the story. When they do, they suddenly sound like contemporary undergraduates at top schools who have learned to problematize and interrogate from a tender age.
    1. https://www.cyberneticforests.com/ai-images

      Critical Topics: AI Images is an undergraduate class delivered for Bradley University in Spring 2023. It is meant to provide an overview of the context of AI art making tools and connects media studies, new media art, and data ethics with current events and debates in AI and generative art. Students will learn to think critically about these tools by using them: understand what they are by making work that reflects the context and histories of the tools.

    1. That key, according to Malesic is, “A simple willingness to learn.” While I agree with the general sentiment of Malesic’s point, there is an implication that students, perhaps in general, are not willing to learn, and I don’t believe this to be true. Students, in my experience, very much want to learn, but the structure of schooling is often aligned against learning.

      this statement backs up what i said previously. if students were taught differently i think that it would make a huge difference and whether they use an AI to write or doing it on their own.

    2. It’s why I continue to believe this technology is an opportunity for reinvention, precisely because it is a threat to the status quo.

      I agree, i think that this does affect student learning and the fact that you can ask an AI system to do something that students are having trouble doing it is something that is questioned because where is it going wrong. its not the fact that their is an AI system but that students don't know the process of writing a good paper

    1. ChatGPT came out strong and punched me right in the face, selecting the very two poets that were top-of-mind for me:

      The problem is the amount of time it takes to research something and understand it for students is relatively longer but students can understand an AI would already know the information and be able to write you up a paper on the "very two poets" in less than 5 minutes

    1. Unlike Google, ChatGPT doesn’t crawl the web for information on current events, and itsknowledge is restricted to things it learned before 2021,

      you will always be able to tell the difference between human work and a AI because a human can touch on a topic and move on to the next. The AI goes in depth talking about one subject and even adds a little to much detail in places rather than keep it simple. i think that the machine knowing all is giving all its knowledge of anything before 2021 on it as to just answering the question that's asked of it.

    2. Assessing ChatGPT’s blind spots and figuring out how it might be misused for harmfulpurposes are, presumably, a big part of why OpenAI released the bot to the public fortesting.

      I feel is it normal to wonder how far humans will take AI and its ability. Not only that, but how dangerous can AI become if we do not take the proper precautions? But I'm not worried about world domination, but the spread of misinformation which is notorious for causing horrible events to happen, loss of jobs which has created the worst times in history, and loss of creativity which is a path undefined because we have never reached this level of technology. All of it is terrifying to think about and makes me wonder if we will place caps on where AI can be, how it can be used, and who can use it as it develops.

    3. But ChatGPT feels different. Smarter. Weirder. More flexible. It can write jokes (some ofwhich are actually funny), working computer code and college-level essays. It can alsoguess at medical diagnoses, create text-based Harry Potter games and explain scientificconcepts at multiple levels of difficulty

      I remember seeing funny posts on how horrible previous forms of AI chats were which never truly gave the right answer or fully grasped all that was said to them, creating funny or confusing answers to things. However, ChatGBT is oddly and unnervingly more advanced than those other AI systems. It has a writing style, it can create detailed answers, and it fully understands what it is being asked. It is completely different from what has come out before.



    1. In the first edition of the Hamburg Climate Fu-tures Outlook published in 2021
      • = First Edition of Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook (2021)

        • : Question: Is it plausible that the world will reach deep decarbonization by 2050?
          • Answer: No
      • = Second Edition of Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook (2023)

        • : Question: What affects the plausibility of attaining the Paris Agreement temperature goals?
    2. Hamburg Climate FuturesOutlook

      = Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023

  4. Jan 2023
    1. Der deutsche Wirtschaftsminister Habeck verhandelt in Norwegen den Bau einer Pipeline, durch die zuerst Erdgas und dann Wasserstoff geliefert werden soll. Ein weiterer Schwenk der Bundesregierung auf Druck der Fossillobby: Der "blaue" Wasserstoff wird aus Gas gewonnen, wobei CCS zum Einsatz kommen soll.

  5. Dec 2022
    1. In Deutschland scheitert der Ausbau der Windkraft nach wie vor an Vorschriften und an mangelndem Engagement von Landes-, aber auch Bundesbehörden. Die taz dokumentiert die aktuelle Lage ausführlich, unter anderem mit einer interaktiven Karte, die zeigt, wo Windkraftanlagen möglich wären. Sie hat dazu Claudia Kemfert und Thorsten Lenk von Agora Energiewende befragt.

  6. Nov 2022
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