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  1. Mar 2023

      Los ambientes educativos se entienden como una construcción diaria y espacio reflexivo los cuales transforman al ser humano, le propician una formación ética de su identidad, y promueven el desarrollo de valores, habilidades y capacidades en los sujetos, para así concebir y tener lugar de su propósito circunscrito: aprender y educarse.

  2. Sep 2022
    1. A large part of the difference between the experienced decision maker and the novice in these situations is not any particular intangible like “judgment” or “intuition.” If one could open the lid, so to speak, and see what was in the head of the experienced decision maker, one would find that he had at his disposal repertoires of possible actions; that he had checklists of things to think about before he acted; and that he had mechanisms in his mind to evoke these, and bring these to his conscious attention when the situations for decisions arose.

      -- Herbert Simon, Models of My Life

    1. Even if you don’t remember all those details, just know that metacognition is understanding your thought processes and emotions and the patterns behind them. It’s the highest level of mentalisation — an ability that is part of what makes us human.

      Antes de lanzarse a lo "kamikaze" a estudiar algo, armar un plan que, considerando todos los aspectos (internos y externos a ti), te guíe en la mejor forma de hacer el aprendizaje.