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  1. May 2016
    1. This, then, was the first condition into which You awakened when You entered into Earthexpression, and is what is called the Edenic state or dwelling in the Garden of Eden.This Edenic state represents the Celestial phase of Impersonal Consciousness, or that state inwhich You were still consciously One with Me, though now confined in a mortal medium ofexpression

      In the beginning even though in body mind, the human expression was still consciously solely guided by God.

    2. saw You in perfect expression, even as I see You now -- the Real You, an Attribute of My Self-- perfect.For in Reality You are an Angel of Light, one of My Thought Rays, an Attribute of My Being,ensouled in Earth conditions, with no other purpose (which is no purpose at all, but a necessity ofMy Being) but the final complete expression of My Idea.

      "the Real You, an Attribute of My Self-- perfect.For in Reality You are an Angel of Light, one of My Thought Rays, an Attribute of My Being,ensouled in Earth conditions, with no other purpose (which is no purpose at all, but a necessity of My Being) but the final complete expression of My Idea."

    3. But there yet remained the final and culminating medium of expression.Up to this point, while each perfectly expressed some phase of My Nature, yet all existingmediums and avenues were unconscious of Me, and were mediums of expression only as a wireis a medium for conducting heat, light and power.The conditions were ripe, however, for the creation of mediums through which My DivineAttributes could find conscious expression, conscious not only of their relationship to Me, but oftheir ability and power to express My Idea.It was at this moment in Time that You and Your Brothers and Sisters were born into existenceas human expressions, coming into manifestation as you did, similarly with all other mediums, inresponse to My concentrated Thought, in which I saw all the infinite variety of My Attributes inactual expression in entitized forms, each manifesting in predominance some particular phase ofMy Being, and each conscious of Me, Its Creator and Expressor

      Humanity was birthed so God could have mediums that can express God consciously...

    4. I, the Creator, AM the Original THINKER, the One and Only THINKER.First know that.As previously stated, man does not think. It is I Who think through his organism. Man believeshe thinks, but before he has awakened to a realization of Me within he only takes the thoughts Iattract to or inspire in his mind, and, mistaking their real meaning and purpose, places a personalconstruction upon them and, through the selfish desires thus aroused, creates for himself all histroubles and brings upon himself all his woes.These apparent mistakes, misconstructions and interferences of man are in reality only theobstacles in his way to be overcome, that he may, through the overcoming, finally develop abody and mind strong and clean and capable enough to express perfectly and consciously thisIdea of Mine eternally working within his Soul.

      It is God that actually thinks..God inspires, yet I mistake their meaning, put a personal meaning to them........... if I let this go fully I will "develop a body mind strong and clean and capable enough to express perfectly and consciously this Idea of Mine eternally working within his Soul."

    5. When you can once realize this and can know that I AM Consciousness within you is one withthe consciousness of all animate and inanimate matter, and that Its will is one with your will,which is My Will, and that all your desires are My Desires, then will you begin to know and feelMe within, and will acknowledge the Power and Glory of My Idea, which is eternally expressingItself Impersonally through you.But it is first wholly necessary that you learn HOW to think, how to know Your thoughts, thosedirected by Me, from the thoughts of others;

      I need to learn HOW to think in the context it is meant here........ how to discern the Idea/inspiration, (to fully receive them) and the misperceptions that arise in the human mind.......

    6. For who is the master? -- Your body, your mind, or You, the I AM within?Then why not show You are master, by thinking the true things the I AM of you within wishesyou to think?It is only by your thinking these other things, by allowing these inharmonious thoughts to enteryour mind and by so doing giving them the power so to affect or disturb you, that they have anysuch influence over you. When you stop thinking into them this power, and turn within to Meand allow Me to direct your thinking, they will at once disappear from your consciousness, anddissolve into the nothingness from which you created them by your thinking.When you are willing to do this, then and then only are you ready to receive Truth, and, byproper conscious thinking, directed by Me, to create the true and permanent things I within wishyou to create.Then, when you can thus distinguish the true from the false, the real from the seeming, yourconscious thinking will be as potent to create all things you desire, as has been yourunconsciousness thinking in the past in creating those things you once desired but now findobnoxious

      My True Self is the real master of the mind..........

      "It is only by your thinking these other things, by allowing these inharmonious thoughts to enter your mind and by so doing giving them the power so to affect or disturb you, that they have any such influence over you." So succinct and clear.

      "When you stop thinking into them this power, and turn within to Me and allow Me to direct your thinking, they will at once disappear from your consciousness, and dissolve into the nothingness from which you created them by your thinking." Again simple clear instruction.

      When I am ready to do this, when I am ready to turn within to the True Self then I am ready to receive Truth and by Conscious thinking directed by the True Self, "create the true and permanent things I within wish you to create."

    7. For I, within him, do all that he does; but I necessarily do it through his organism, through hispersonality, his body, mind and soul.I will point out how this can be.First, try to realize that I made you in My Image and Likeness, and that I have My Being withinyou. Even if you do not know this now and believe that I, God, AM somewhere without, and thatwe are separated, try for the time being to imagine I AM within you.Next, realize that which you do when you think is not real thinking, because it is not consciousthinking; for you are unconscious of Me, the Inspirer and Director of every idea and thought thatenters your mind.Next, realize because I AM within you, and you are My Image and Likeness, and thereforepossess all of My Faculties, you have the power of thinking; but not being conscious thatthinking is creating and that it is one of My Divine Powers you are using you have indeed allyour life been thinking, but it has all been mis-thinking, or what you would call error-thinking.And this error-thinking, this not knowing it is My Power you have been thus misusing, has beenseparating you in consciousness farther and farther from Me; but all the time fulfilling MyPurpose, which later on will be made manifest to you.The proof of this is, you think you are separated from Me, that you are living in a materialWorld, that your body of Flesh engenders and harbors pleasure and pain, and that an evilinfluence, called the Devil, is manifesting in the world, opposing My Will.Yes, you think all these things are so.

      I am made in the image of God..... the Essence of my Being is God............. even my thoughts come from this source yet I have been unconscious of this. This mis-thinking and misuse of Gods power within me has been separating me further from the Truth, yet there still is a purpose in this.

    8. that which you have read has awakened a response within, and the Soul of you yearns formore, -- then you are ready for what follows.If you still question or rebel at the seeming assumption of Divine authority for what is hereinwritten, your intellect telling you it is but another attempt to beguile your mind with cunningsuggestion and subtle sophistry, -- then you will receive no benefit from these words; for theirmeaning is as yet hidden from your mortal consciousness, and My Word must come to youthrough other avenues of expression.It is well if your personality with its intellect impels you thus to question and rebel againstauthority you do not yet know to be Mine. It is really I Who cause your personality thus to rebel;for your personality with its proud sense of individuality is still needed by Me to develop a mindand body strong enough that they can perfectly express Me. Until you have become prepared toknow Me it is but natural for your personality thus to question and rebel. Once you recognize MyAuthority, that moment the undermining of the authority of the personality has begun. The daysof its dominion are numbered, and you will more and more turn to Me for help and guidance.Therefore, be not dismayed. Read on, and mayhap the recognition will come. But know that youcan read or not, as you choose; but if you do it is really I Who choose, and not you.For you, who seemingly choose not to read further, I have plans, and in due season you shalllearn that whatever you do, or like, or desire, it is I leading you through all the fallacies andillusions of the personality, that you may finally awaken to their unreality and then turn to Me asthe one and only Reality. Then these words will find a response within:

      As I practice the mantra, I can feel the energy within of the Truth of it, yet I witness the egoic mind doubt that I can really allow this.......... yet I am aware that the part of me that doubts is simply the egoic mind itself..............

      And the amazing thing here is that even this that to me it says that there is 'no problem' in this as it simply means that the persona is "still needed by Me to develop a mind and body strong enough that they can perfectly express Me". This is powerful and it undermines the doubt........... I can relax, allow, surrender and know that my Being is unfolding me.

    9. Now, in order that you can become wholly oblivious of your mind and its thoughts and yourbody and its sensations, so that you can feel Me within, it is necessary that you studiously obeythese, My instructions.Sit quietly in a relaxed position, and, when wholly at ease, let your mind take in the significanceof these words:"Be still! --- and KNOW --- I AM --- God."Without thinking, allow this, My Divine Command, to penetrate deep into your Soul. Letwhatever impressions that come to your mind enter at will --- without effort or interference onyour part.

      Be Still, without thinking and allow these words to penetrate me deeply, Be still - and KNOW - I AM - God................. Allow whatever comes to mind

  2. Jan 2016
    1. You see, just as each one must find his or her own reason for living, you must find your own reason for being Conscious. And you will never find the reason for being Conscious within the ignorance, within the dream. Therefore, the reason for being Conscious will never be reasonable! At least not from within the limited definitions of reason which are employed within the dream.
    2. The divine faculties of Conscious Being, which you could call Hearing, Seeing, Tasting, Smelling, et cetera, the direct comprehending of Reality, could be called the vital signs. And right now the one vital sign that is functioning is Hearing. And it is a result of Listening. And that will give you a clue, because if you want to see, then you must look! And how do you look? Well, you want to see. You don’t want to see something in particular, because you don’t know what there is to see. But you want to see. And the “wanting” is the “looking.” And the seeing is what comes, just as Listening brings forth Hearing.
    3. Raj: Again, Paul, there is a need for desire to be present—a desire for a friend. A desire to be with me consciously. And again, at this point, any experience of not being with me is not a valid or valuable experience. Therefore a choice for being unaware of me is a choice which imprisons you in unconsciousness, ignorance. Your great familiarity with your ignorance, and your great unfamiliarity with being with me does not justify the ongoing choice for being unconscious of me, and therefore unconscious of You. If it seems that the protocols of your dream are dissolving—being rendered meaningless—and as a result there is what you perceive and judge to be chaos, then you may know that the elements of its attraction—meaning the ignorance or the dream—are losing their ability to hold your attention, and thus, you not only have a “window of escape,” you also feel a need. This is in perfect order and is indicative of healing, of your coming back into your right Mind—your undistorted, unbiased, unconditional, unconditioned Conscious experience of Being.
    4. Indeed, the drama of the dream has been a little more dynamic in the past few days. But what is unreal about it is no more unreal than it was when it was less dynamic, and therefore does not truly require your attention any more than when the dream seemed to be peaceful. So, I am going to reiterate again the need for touching base with me more and more frequently. This is the way you build a basis of experience as to where you really Are, and therefore, this is the way in which you become clearer that you are not in the dream, and you are not the caricature of self that you are experiencing within the dream, but are the Self that is with me in the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being.

      By touching base with his guide supports consciously Being.