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  1. Mar 2021
    1. One of the best workout methods to achieve both of these goals is to perform medicine-ball throwing exercises. When throwing the ball, unlike when lifting weights, you don’t have to slow down at the end of the range of motion; you can just let the ball fly. Therefore, simply throwing the ball in different directions (remember, power is direction specific) trains your body to generate explosive power without putting on any brakes.

      "both of these methods" = Treinamento da velocidade do movimento e o padrão de ativação muscular trifásico.



    1. The dynamic maximum strength of the calves is a basic prerequisite for short sprints and should be regarded as a performance reserve.

      Importância de treinar as panturrilhas

    1. In other words, strength training at longer (stretched) muscle lengths (that includes an eccentric component) not only causes muscles to be stronger at long lengths, but also promotes flexibility by causing muscle fibers to produce new sarcomeres in series within a muscle, which allows the muscle to lengthen more (6, 7).

      Era o que o Dr. Seedman já argumentava no seu treino de valorização do tempo na fase excêntrica.

    1. all exercises that involve free weights and cables have a point within the range of motion (ROM) where the exercise is hardest on the muscles involved, and another point where the exercise is the easiest based on the lever-arm (i.e. moment arm) involved.

      A falsa crença que executando um movimento por toda a amplitude traduz fortalecimento efetivo e igualitário por toda amplitude passada.D

    1. Partial reps can be extremely beneficial for building strength. Incorporating them into your workouts can help you to develop strength better than just exclusively going "full range of motion" in many common pressing and lower body exercises.