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  1. Nov 2021
    1. SAL KHAN: Right, exactly. ELON MUSK: Because for sure failure is one of the possibilities. But, ideally, you want to try to bracket it and say success is in the envelope of outcomes. And I wasn't quite sure if that was the case. I think success on an academic level would have been quite likely, because you can publish some useless paper--

      Kalau Anda Elon Musk, Anda bisa bicara apa saja. :) Tapi memang mendekatkan sains agar lebih dekat dengan aplikasi memang sulit. Apalagi kalau sejak awal produk yang menjadi target ya hanya makalah :) https://youtu.be/vDwzmJpI4io

  2. Jan 2021
    1. Elon Musk declared that we are marching towards a near future without language, in which we’ll be able to communicate directly mind-to-mind through neural links. ‘Our brain spends a lot of effort compressing a complex concept into words,’ he said in a recent interview, ‘and there’s a lot of loss of information that occurs when compressing a complex concept into words.’

      Elon Musk on the future of talking

  3. Nov 2020
    1. SpaceX każe sobie zapłacić jednorazowo 500 dolarów za modem i talerz oraz 100 dolarów miesięcznie za dostęp do sieci. Musk zapowiedział, że jeszcze w tym roku po ziemskiej orbicie będzie przemieszczało się blisko 1000 satelitów Starlink. Dzięki temu, sprawność sieci ma jeszcze wzrosnąć, a użytkownicy będą mogli liczyć na download z prędkością 200 Mb/s, upload z prędkością 50 Mb/s i ping na poziomie 20 ms. Starlink ma zawitać do Europy już w marcu przyszłego roku.

      Cost of Starlink internet:

      • 500$ for modem
      • 100$/month for access to the internet

      Speed of Starlink internet:

      • generally, Starlink has a great availability
      • possible download of 200 Mb/s, upload of 50 Mb/s, pink of 20 ms
      • Starlink should be in Europe in March 2021
  4. May 2019
    1. The pay package Tesla promised to Elon Musk was so large, we had to add an extra dimension to the chart below to display it accurately

      It would be relevant here and should be mentioned that Elon Musk's compensation is conditioned on enormous growth of the company, and he receives nothing if that does not happen.