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  1. Oct 2023
  2. May 2023
    1. Related to this note:

      Haris Neophytou wants to apply a "primality sieve" (namely the sieve of Eratosthenes) to this list. I think it's so he can construct the primes that divide the order of the monster group \(M\)

  3. Dec 2017
    1. some have tried, as you are of course aware, to prove that the said perimeter is about 300,000 stadia

      Archimedes' good friend Eratosthenes is the person who has estimated the perimeter of the Earth to be about 300,000 stadia. Eratosthenes actually said that the circumference of the Earth was 252,000 stadia which converts to about 44,452.8 km. The actual value of the polar (north-south) circumference of the Earth is approximately 39,940.6 km. While this yields a 10% error it was a vastly superior estimate than any other we have a record of from a 1,000 years before or after Eratosthenes.