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    1. Key Terms

      Suggestions on Terms to add: - Means of Payment - Medium of Exchange - Store of Value - Unit of Value - Term Deposits - Fractional Banking Reserve System - Open Market - Special Purchase and Resale Agreement (SPRA) - Sale and Repurchase Agreement (SRA)

    1. Lowering the policy rate (overnight interest rate) target, lowers the prime lending rate. As the prime rate lowers, most interest rates prevailing in the markets rise. Therefore, an open market sale of government securities raises the interest rate by decreasing money supply in the economy.

      Incorrect information in this paragraph. It appears to be copied from the paragraph (2 above it) used for the SPRA explanation. Maybe this page was still work in progress. So I will assume this remaining parts of this chapter are still in progress. I will stop the review here until I hear back that it is now ready for review. Thanks

    2. Fig 10.9

      This figure appears incomplete. Both the image, and the description details below it.

    3. Fig 10.8

      This figure appears incomplete. Both the image, and the description details below it.

    4. Currently, the overnight interest rate target set by the Bank of Canada is 4.5%. Refer to the fig 10.8 below.

      Suggestion: A disclaimer should be provided here. Since the Overnight rate may change frequently over time and in the short term, the rate mentioned will be subject to change depending on when the students come across this section.

    1. Fig 10.3 Money Supply M2

      I feel there still needs to be an explanation in the content for this chapter section with the explanation for what the bar graph figures are telling you. Something is missing without it.

    2. Fig 10.2 Money Supply M1

      I feel there still needs to be an explanation in the content for this chapter section with the explanation for what the bar graph figures are telling you. Something is missing without it.

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    1. Key Terms

      The concept of Supply Shock is missing and may be of value to include not only in Key Terms but in a subsection of this chapters content.

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    1. Key Terms

      Additional Key Terms to include: - Planned Investment - Government spending function - Net Export function - Keynesian cross - Change term to Multiplier Effect

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    1. Key Terms

      Suggestions for additional terms that could be added: - Private Sector - Public Sector - Financial Intermediaries

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    1. Key Terms

      Suggestion to add the following terms and links to definitions to this section: * Economies of Scale * Capital Deepening * Catch-up Effect * Potential GDP * Rule of 70

    1. Key Terms

      Considering adding these terms and definition in this section: * substitution bias * new-product bias * new-product bias * outlet bias * CPI * Menu Costs * Producer Price Index (PPI) * International Price Index (IPI) * Employment Cost Index (ECI)

    1. A comparison of the nominal and real interest rates for Canada is shown in the figure below

      Fig 5.17 only shows the real interest rates. Based on the statement it should show both nominal and real interest rates for Canada.

    1. Explore Further

      Suggestion: Add a statement of instruction here to have students click on hyperlink should they want to Explore StatsCan data further.

    1. The formulae are shown below:

      It would add value to have an example of the calculation for each of the LFPR, UNR, and EPR using current data or data table for Canada.

    2. Definitions

      Definition of Working Age Population would be beneficial to include here.

    1. GDP Measured by Components of Demand

      Suggestion: Add a section that speaks to Target Growth Rates in the sections that talk also about GDP rates. Much like we have targets for Inflation and Unemployment. Helps students benchmark or assess performance using this measure.

    2. Fig 4.6 GDP: Top 10 Countries, 2019 (Data Source: International Monetary Fund)

      Can we not get the 2021 GDP data here? It will show consistent with the next chart shown for the Canadian 2021 GDP by industry.

    1. Key Terms

      Other examples key terms to consider including are: Consumption, Government Spending, Investment Spending, Exports, Imports, recession, expansion, underground economy, StatsCan.

    1. GDP and Human Happiness

      It appears that the content may have omitted a summary of what this is telling us. What about the relationship between GDP and Happiness. Is there a correlation? What about a section discussing the GDP per capita as an indicator?

    1. begins at the next peak. Here, the

      Good to include this statement between these two sentences: "A complete business cycle is defined by the passage from one peak to the next."

    1. GNP – An alternative measure of Output

      Suggestion: Should we also include a subsection to talk about other alternative measures? For example GNI - Gross National Income explained.

    1. It should be noted that the GDP deflator in the base year is 100. This will always be the case. As mentioned earlier, the nominal GDP and the real GDP will be equal in the base year.

      There needs to be an extra paragraph here to explain what the GDP deflator numbers calculated for the 3 years above really mean. Expand on what what this information tells you.

    1. Fig 4.9 Example: Price and Quantity of Economic Production

      Recommendation: There is value in adding a second Figure/chart but using quantities that decrease for some of the products over the 3 years measured. That way when you also include a second calculation of the Real GDP's it will show there is no real growth, unlike the textbook example. Show both examples for comparison and help students understand real growth.

    1. Statistics Canada estimates underground economic activity for 2013 totalled $45.6 billion

      Needs to be updated with more current values. 2013 figures are now over a decade old.

    2. Goods not in GDP

      Suggestion: Would this be a good section to include a subsection covering the shortcomings of GDP?

    1. Stats Canada

      It would be a good idea to include a description of Stats Canada and why it's important to know this at this stage. This would be the first time some students may have experience with knowing what Stats Can is and why it's important.

    1. In 2019, the World Bank reported the GDP of Canada to be $1.736 trillion.

      It would be better to have the more up to date GDP number reported by the World Bank than the outdated 2019 number.

    2. goods and services—smart phones, cars, music downloads, computers, steel, bananas, college educations, and all other

      The examples of the goods and services needs to include a few services (like haircuts, banking services, etc), not just goods.

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    1. the first female Wiggle, Emma Watkins

      Wow, that's a very big influential name in showbiz there. When others in Fairfax regurgitated this story, they regurgitated her quotes on the Queen Quest's value.

      You may have missed that, but here's what niche womens issue publication 'Womens Agenda' said in its article titled 'This councillor wanted to debate beauty pageants. They called him a wanker' - here's the relevant section:

      *But can these pageants actually be a positive platform to build a career?

      Emma Watkins, also known as the Yellow Wiggle, thinks so. Ryde City Council has run these pageants for 30 years and several famous names have emerged as prior festival queens, with Watkins being one who won not one but 2 pageants, in both 2005 and 2009.

      Watkins said that winning is more focused on community involvement than beauty.

      “As a little girl I just aspired to be a Granny Smith Festival Queen,” said Watkins, now age 25. “[Judging is] definitely all about contestants’ involvement in the community.

      Watkins says that the pageant improved her self-confidence, instead of the popular belief that it is harmful for young girls self esteem: “Winning improved my confidence and pubic speaking and self-esteem in the middle of those teenage years.”

      • That article even got the basic context right: * "Simon proposed the motion to debate the Council’s support for beauty pageants after reading – week after week – stories in the local paper about the competitions.........

      "It wasn’t the debate he got."*