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  1. Dec 2022
  2. Jun 2022
    1. I'd love something similar to automatically crawl and index every site I visit. I'm forever losing stuff. I know I saw it but I can't remember where. reply parent chillpenguin () 1 hour ago on I use BrowserParrot for this. Works really well.https://www.browserparrot.com/ reply parent thinkmassive () 2 hours ago on ArchiveBox documents how to automatically archive links from your browser history:https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox/wiki/Usage#Import-l... reply parent mttjj () 5 hours ago on This is Mac only and I have no affiliation other than I like this developer but your request reminded me that he just launched this app: https://andadinosaur.com/launch-history-book reply parent akrymski () 1 hour ago on I use Google for this. It's really annoyingly good at finding previously visited pages. reply parent asselinpaul () 3 hours ago on https://heyday.xyz comes to mind reply parent fudged71 () 2 hours ago on Vortimo
  3. Jan 2021
  4. Dec 2020
    1. Among its many other features, Ecco Pro installed an icon (the "Shooter") into other programs so that you can add text highlighted in the other program to your Ecco Pro outline. And better yet, the information stored in Ecco Pro could be synchronized with the then nearly ubiquitous PalmPilot hardware PIMs.

      Echo had a clipper tool which allowed you to add highlighted text from other programs.

      It also synced with the PalmPilot.

  5. Aug 2017