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  1. Apr 2019
    1. While there may be good reason to upload articles to the LMS, it is important to consider that doing so may mean that your students do not have the most recent version of the article. It is not unusual for publishers to make corrections or changes, such as adding supplementary material, to articles after initial publication.

      Argument for permalinks v downloads.

    1. The libraries recommend that you link articles from the library databases to your course in lieu of making the pdfs available.

      This seems the norm though not strictly enforced in practice. That is, libraries say this is what you should do, but profs keep PDFs of articles locally, etc.

  2. Feb 2018
    1. Dr. Lincoln has added an update for creating APA-compliant citations for ProQuest dissertations and theses.

  3. Feb 2017
    1. Through Ebook Central, ProQuest will manage rights and licenses associated with these e-textbooks, which will be accessible online or downloadable onto a student’s preferred device, including smartphones or tablets.