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  1. May 2016
    1. So now we have, --First, I AM, expressing as You, one of My Divine Attributes;Second, My Idea of You, one of My Attributes, expressing in Earth conditions -- or Your Soul;Third, My Imaged Thought of You, forming the Temple of Your Soul -- or Your Soul Body inwhich You dwell.These three make up the Divine or Impersonal part of You, the Immortal Three-in-One -- You,My latent yet completely formulated thought, shaped in My Image and Likeness, as yetunquickened, and therefore having no connection with your human personality, which has notyet been born

      The Impersonal Self

      1. I AM, expressing as You, one of My Divine Attributes

      2. My Idea of You, one of My Attributes, expressing in Earth conditions -- or Your Soul

      3. My Imaged Thought of You, forming the Temple of Your Soul -- or Your Soul Body in which You dwell.

    2. 26This Temple, being in My Image and Likeness, and composed of My Thought Substance,surrounding and clothing My Idea, is consequently your Real body. It is therefore indestructible,immortal, perfect. It is My complete, imagined (imaged in) Thought, containing My LivingEssence, awaiting the time when it can come into outer expression and take on material form

      The body as a temple...

    3. You, as one of the cells of My Body, have a consciousness that is My Consciousness, anintelligence that is My Intelligence, even a will that is My Will. You have none of these foryourself or of yourself. They are all Mine and for My use only.Now, My consciousness and My Intelligence and My Will are wholly Impersonal, and thereforeare common with you and with all the cells of My Body, even as they are common with all thecells of your body.I AM the directing Intelligence of All, the animating Spirit, the Life, the Consciousness of allmatter, of all Substance. If you can see it, You, the Real you, the Impersonal you, are in all andare one with all, are in Me and are one with Me; just as I AM in you and in all, and thereby amexpressing My Reality through you and through all.This will, which you call your will, is likewise no more yours personally than is thisconsciousness and this intelligence of your mind and of the cells of your body yours.It is but that small portion of My Will which I permit the personal you to use. Just as fast as youawaken to recognition of a certain power or faculty within you and begin consciously to use it,do I allow you that much more of My Infinite Power

      The I Am, the God in me is the one directing all Life

    4. 11Therefore, it must be that the consciousness of the cell of your body is My Consciousness, evenas your consciousness is My Consciousness; and therefore We must be One in consciousness --the cell, You and I.You cannot now consciously direct or control a single cell of your body; but when you can atwill enter into the Consciousness of the I AM of you and know its identity with Me, then you cancontrol not only every cell of your body, but that of any other body you might wish to control.

      As a conscious Being, what may be perceived as miracles flow naturally in physicality.

    5. I AM the Innermost, the Spirit, the animating Cause of your being, of all life, of all living things,both visible and invisible. There is nothing dead, for I, the Impersonal ONE, AM all that there is.I AM Infinite and wholly unconfined; the Universe is My Body, all the Intelligence there isemanates from My Mind, all the Love there is flows from My Heart, all the Power there is, is butMy Will in action.The threefold Force, manifesting as all Wisdom, all Love, all Power, or if you will, as Light,Heat, and Energy “ that which holds together all forms and is back of and in all expressions andphases of life, -- is but the manifestation of My Self in the act or state of Being.Nothing can Be without manifesting and expressing some phase of Me, Who AM not only theBuilder of all forms, but the Dweller in each. In the heart of each I dwell; in the heart of thehuman, in the heart of the animal, in the heart of the flower, in the heart of the stone. In the heartof each I live and move and have My Being, and from out the heart of each I send forth thatphase of Me I desire to express, and which manifests in the outer world as a stone, a flower, ananimal, a man

      God is the substance of all LIfe............