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  1. Aug 2021
  2. Oct 2019
    1. The call for people to soberly “acknowledge” their White Privilege as a self-standing, totemic act is based on the same justification as acknowledging one’s fundamental sinfulness is as a Christian.

      Analogy Antiracism to Christianity

    2. Social change hardly requires such self-flagellation by the ruling class. Similarly, black America needs no grand, magic End of Days in order to succeed. A compact program of on-the-ground policy changes could do vastly more than articulate yearnings for a hypothetical psychological revolution among whites that no one seriously imagines could ever happen in life as we know it.

      Author synthesizes his own course of action he thinks is correct

    3. Antiracism is all about a Judgment Day, in a sense equally mesmerizing and mythical.

      Author is asking for clarity

    4. Antiracism requires much of the same standpoint. For example, one is not to ask “Why are black people so upset about one white cop killing a black man when black men are at much more danger of being killed by one another?”

      This is a frustrating quote because the difference between cops killing Black men and Black men killing other Black men is that Police are supposed to protect and serve the public, not kill and put fear into them.

  3. Jul 2018
  4. Mar 2018
    1. Then, as now, the most reliable path to a progressive politics that produces true justice and human rights is that which begins with building the political power of workers. It is this proposition that has often made elite opponents of white supremacy — both black and white — deeply uncomfortable.

      Antiracism and procapitalism