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  1. Oct 2022
  2. Apr 2022
    1. Was the input data (resumes of current and past employees) a valid data set to use as a basis for this analysis?

      No, because the analyzed data was of employees that had already had a past of leaving the company. It could be postulated that it is leaving out the perspective of those who might have joined if whatever driving factor behind the attrition were addressed head-on, rather than shielding their eyes from the problem.

    2. Is it possible that zip code distance might be correlated with length of employment but not a causative factor?

      Yes. The original inference she made, that the chief factor originating from the zip-code selection was the commuting distance put those from outside the close proximity white neighborhood at too steep a disadvantage to overcome. However, we should note that being that the people from these rich suburbs often have wealth to their name, a slue of other issues are observable when comparing them with their lower class competitors.

      An example might be the family status of those in these minority rich communities. Lower income neighborhoods often have higher rates of single parents, or parents who can't afford a regular nannie and therefor require tough choices with time. Another might be the fact that their lower income means they might not have a car, or if they do have a car, it is being utilized by their spouse where they can't rely on its availability. Or that due to lack of actual home ownership, drives need to take multiple jobs, or seek income from illegal sources that can cause complications in employment further down the line. Without even needing to request any such info as family status in these resumes, a cacophony of prejudices information can be inferred, just from where they live.

    3. What are her professional and legal responsibilities as an employee of Emporia?

      She must create software that serves the company's needs, due to her position as their employee. However, she also has a duty to report observed bugs and the problematic patterns they lead to, while advocating for their solutions.

      Failures to do so for situations such as this one could lead to lawsuits taken by individuals inadvertently harmed or discriminated by her deployed programs.

    4. As the software developer, what are Sandra’s ethical responsibilities to those who are applying for positions at Emporia?

      As a member of the human race, among a society of other multinational human beings, she owes her fellow man the right to be treated with equal rights and treatment, a principle enshrined in the in the ethical approach of Justice.

    5. These neighborhoods, however, have mostly white, middle-class residents

      Make the correlation that a big reason these neighborhoods are white exclusive is because other groups can't get a foot in the door in these types of jobs, which means they lack the funds and motivation to expand to these areas.

    6. data from the résumés of current and past employees

      The data she is working with is based only on employees that have been there.

      If minoirities we're represented in the past, then their patterns won't be well represented in the future.

      Besides, current employees have been leaving frequently. I think their data should be used with caution.

    7. a record of professional development

      I don't think this is as discriminatory, so much as it is professional. You aren't inhibited from adding this to any resume, though the contents of the development could be unsavory for the recruiter.

      Even if you start from smaller positions, if you honestly report the growth of your career, and the knowledge you took away from your experiences, I think most people can find success in that section.

    8. previous retail sales experience

      This is somewhat fair. If the position benefits from someone having retail experience, it is natural to favor those who have it on their resume.

      However, you do have to keep in mind that some won't have the opportunity to gather experience in that line of work. Some place needs to be their first start in the field.

    9. the distance the person lives from the store

      This is a highly discriminatory factor.

      Proximity to the store depends on which neighborhoods you live in. Choice of home is bound by the pricing you can afford.

  3. Jan 2022
    1. these covid concentration camps are going to be ramped up into extermination / death camps

      Argument by assertion fallacy and claim of fact: Repeating the claim again and again, does not make it true.

    2. Democrats have built death camps in America

      Argument by assertion fallacy and claim of fact: Restating this claim once again.

    3. covid concentration camps are actually politically-motivated death camps

      Argument by assertion fallacy and claim of fact: The article has repeated this claim multiple times.

  4. Sep 2021
    1. it is profound, engaged, andimmersive ethnographic research that facilitates a deeper under-standing of how communities work; how social relations arecreated, maintained, restored, and eroded; and how institutionsevolve3 (Billo & Mountz, 2015; McCauley, 2014; Meuleman &Boushel, 2013)

      Immersive ethnography facilitates deeper understanding.



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    1. For even our contrast between individual and species is something anthropomorphic and does not originate in the essence of things; although we should not presume to claim that this contrast does not correspond o the essence of things: that would of course be a dogmatic assertion and, as such, would be just as indemonstrable as its opposite.

      An interesting point that "we should not presume to claim that this contrast does not correspond o the essence of things".