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    1. Rather than capture that extraneous content, use the concatenate action tag to highlight and note the first sentence .c1 and the last sentence .c2.

      To concatenate multiple highlights simply add .c<number in sequence>, for the first highlight you would use .c1, for the second, .c2.

    2. As you develop the habit of revisiting your highlights, you'll increasingly start to think in terms of your future self. As you highlight, for example, you might starting asking: Will my future self be able to understand what this passage is saying and why I highlighted it? To ensure your future self has enough context, you might then also take much longer highlights.

      To become a more proficient active reader who uses highlighting effectively you need to think about what contextual information will be required for comprehension when you review annotations in the future. Longer highlights may be required.

  5. Feb 2022
    1. We all need a place to kick around ideas or work on things that may never come to fruition.
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    1. 我们通常对于数百甚至数千笔交易,按照指定顺序在这颗 merkle tree 上执行完成后,使用 ZK-SNARK 证明执行的结果
    2. 链上智能合约:负责验证 Merkle tree 的每次状态更新都是有效的,维护正确的 merkle tree root;
    3. 为了保证最坏情况下的安全性
  8. Jul 2021
    1. Early in the history of programming languages, two schools of thought diverged
    1. Besides #[inline], there are two more exceptions to this. Generic functions are implicitly inlinable.
    2. it enables cross-crate inlining.
  9. Apr 2021
    1. 从分享链接中提取:进入支付宝小程序→点击右上角「更多」→分享→复制链接,得到短链接如:https://ur.alipay.com/2IcAMP在 PC 端浏览器中访问短链接,页面第一次跳转后快速按 Esc,在浏览器地址栏得到长链接
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    1. Basically, the idea is you take your normal, garden-variety function and smear it out into a bunch of closures.
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