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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Capture Cards (red) 4.00 Beautifully Useful 3″ x 5″ Index Cards (Pack of 100)I created my Capture Cards to help make it easier for me to capture ideas, make notes, and record tasks as they happen. Good tools have a way of removing frustration and stress from a workflow, and for me, these cards do just that.Just enough structure to help you capture, but not enough to get in the way.They’re printed full-bleed on 70lb (heavy and durable) premium smooth white cover stock, and you get 100 2-sided cards in each pack. They feel great in your hand, yet hold up well in your pocket.


      Simple index cards, but sold with a purpose in mind: capturing notes!

      One is reminded here of waste books and fleeting notes.

      Image:<br /> Graph ruled index cards with two colored title areas-grey and red-on the top front and a grey footer with a red band at the header of the back

  2. Aug 2022
  3. Jul 2022
    1. https://rekonect.com/

      Rekonect magnetic notebooks.

      Clever though expensive. Not sure this is worth it unless you had a very specific use case.

  4. May 2022
  5. Apr 2022
    1. Barthes, like me, prefers blue pens.

      While only applicable to a small subsection of 330 index cards which were published as Mourning Diary, Roland Barthes apparently preferred blue ink pens.

  6. Mar 2022
  7. Dec 2021
  8. Nov 2021
    1. https://www.amazon.com/Blog-Paper-Advanced-Taking-Technology/dp/1926892100/

      Doing some research for my Paper Website / Blog.

      Similar to some of the pre-printed commonplace books of old particularly with respect to the tag and tag index sections.

      I sort of like that it is done in a way that makes it useful for general life even if one isn't going to use it as a "blog".

      How can I design mine to be easily photographed and transferred to an actual blog, particularly with Micropub in mind?

      Don't forget space for the blog title and tagline. What else might one put on the front page(s) for identity? Name, photo, address, lost/found info, website URL (naturally)...

      Anything else I might want to put in the back besides an category index or a tag index? (Should it have both?)

    1. kimberlyhirsh Hello world. Imagine I’m interested in fountain pens but am a complete beginner. Where would you tell me to go to learn more? What would your advice be? How do I get started? ✒️🖋️ 8:46 am

      @kimberlyhirsh I'd generally repeat a lot of the same solid advice that @cygnoir gave you too, so I won't.

      If you've got any local in-person shopping locations for pens and stationery, get out and try writing with a few to see how they look and feel. I've got a few local Maido stationery stores and the my local Vroman's bookstore has a huge pen counter and stationery section which have been helpful for trying before buying. Usually the staff are fans, so they can share a lot of details and advice as well.

      Something inexpensive to start may be useful, but I find some of them can be hit or miss in terms of felling good in your hand or writing smoothly. It's more of a joy to have a pen you love the look and feel of, so trying before you buy can be invaluable. (As an example, lots of people love and highly recommend LAMY, but for me I just don't like their design or feel.)

      Stores will also give you the chance to find out what nib size(s) you like and how juicy a particular pen may be. I tend to go for extra fine or fine for most circumstances in daily writing depending on the size I intend to write and in which notebook. I do have a few bold and specialty nibs for occasional special uses and fun though.

      Depending on your budget, maybe start with something super cheap that you can play with, take apart, swap out nibs, beat up, or possibly loose. But if you're committed and like the experience, find something that brings you joy and spend a fair amount. One really great pen that you love to use can be better than an entire drawerful.

      Trolling around youtube videos and reviews of pens, ink, and paper can give you a bit of experience and knowledge without busting the bank.

      I have found that over the past several months, supply chain issues means that lots of popular pens may be out of stock (both online or at stores), so have patience if what you want isn't immediately available.

      Finally, don't ignore some better quality paper to write on.

    1. What a beautiful pen. Sad to see it's sold out.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Bill Dunbar</span> in Bill Dunbar (<time class='dt-published'>11/05/2021 08:57:31</time>)</cite></small>

  9. Oct 2021
  10. Sep 2021
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuzRkac2n-c

      Beginning to realize that some of the pattern that I describe as productivity porn is more likely done as a means of creativity, art, or even therapeutic use.

      In this one (at the end), she's got a notebook specifically for putting washi tape into because it's calming and therapeutic.

  11. Aug 2021
    1. https://somethingdelightful.com/mj127-20191a C.R. Gibson Bulleting Log Journal, 6 x 8 - Grey

      Item Number: MJ127-20191A $15.00

      • Leatherette cover with rounded edges
      • 240 pages
      • Includes 3 ribbon markers
      • Medium notebook 6" W x 8 1/2" H
      • Elastic closure band
      • Measures 6" W x 8 1/2" H
      • Non-dated calendar
      • Ruling: dotted grid
      • Includes bookmarker sized page finder tool
      • Smyth sewn binding to lay flat
      • Bullet journal guide
      • Includes quick guide conversion charts and zone map
    1. https://somethingdelightful.com/mj5-4791dg

      C.R. Gibson Dot Grid Bonded Leather Journal - Black

      Item Number: MJ5-4791DG $12.00

      • 240 dot grid pages
      • Leather cover
      • Elastic closure
      • Interior back pocket
      • Ribbon marker
      • Measures 5 1/4" W x 8 1/4" H
  12. Feb 2021