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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Complete

      Any compute in a TS can be performed in an implementing TS TS'.

      I.e., any compute in TS maps to compute in TS'.

      I.e., any TS compute is translatable to TS'

  2. Sep 2023
    1. Dnsruby presents an enhanced API for DNS. It is based on Ruby's core resolv.rb Resolv API, but has been much extended to provide a complete DNS implementation.
  3. Sep 2021
  4. Aug 2021
    1. The above works great. However, the problem comes when I want to use literal types for my legal values. In my code, I want to do that so I can make sure I define a "handler" for every legal value: const legalValues = <const>["a", "b", "c"]; // later on... // Because legalValues entries are literal types, // I get a compiler error if I forget to define any behaviors const behaviors: { [K in typeof legalValues[number]]: any } = { a: something, b: somethingElse, c: anotherThing };
  5. Oct 2020
    1. Omitted details change everything here. There won't be circular dependency because unused import is skipped. Consider providing stackoverflow.com/help/mcve .
  6. Jul 2020
  7. Jun 2017