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  1. Oct 2022
    1. to go one step further

      I only left with one question: why do we create three c? I don't see any regards to the number of it in CRT and Gauss method. And don't feel strong connection of the number of c_iphers with _e (which is also 3). Does it only connected with the length of the _m_essage? So that longer the message we cipher, than more ciphers we need to use CRT? And how is it connected with the limitation that _m_essage can't be longer than modulus?

      Thank you for wonderful explanation, useful links, and this additional coverage!

    1. Furthermore, in extreme cases, any opposition to CRT could be painted as ‘upholding white supremacy’, a view essentially justified on the grounds of Foucaldian postmodern philosophy rather than objective reality.

      In addition to the concerns about CRT generally, this popularization, and bastardization, of CRT speaks to the danger of releasing too much information from academia into the popular sphere. When incompletely considered theories, arguments, and models are made widely available, they will be taken advantage of by unscrupulous and malicious people.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. At this conjuncture, taking to Twitter to assert one’s antifascist bona-fides is just as futile as studying Sanskrit in resistance to authoritarian communism. Just as futile, and a lot less interesting.
    1. Universities Since the 1970s, French university leftists (Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Pierre Bourdieu), have elaborated systems of deconstruction and delegitimization of the West, which have even reached the United States. This approach makes the white man a sedentary, anecdotal minority. This seems to have been a conscious ambition: to bring about an intellectual and philosophical revolution like those that had taken place in science and industry.
  3. Sep 2021
    1. Ultimately, we are here to help students empower themselves through education. In my dream, I imagine that Culturally Responsive Teaching, restorative practices, and deeper learning are all alive in classrooms across the United States. In addition, we might see curricula that affirms and engages students of color. We might also see students connecting their identities to their learning and applying it back to their communities to manifest social justice.
  4. Jun 2019
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    1. These deficit assumptions have moved from arguments of biological determinism to arguments of environmental deficits—deficits in lan-guage (Bereiter & Engelmann, 1966), in family socialization practices (Coleman, 1988), and most recently in psychological attributes associated with emotional self-regulation and executive self-control (Heckman, 2012). Mills (1997) argues that the persistence of these belief systems is rooted in what he calls “the racial contract,” an ideology that structures hierarchies across human communities, with those designated as “White” at the top of the hierarchy. However, it is interesting to note, in the United States, that who gets to be White and non-White has shifted historically, but where Blacks remain at the bottom

      Carol Lee, I want to meet you one day! She captured this so eloquently and accurately.