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  1. Apr 2022
  2. Sep 2021
    1. We were able to reduce calls to Infura and save on costs. And because the proxy uses an in-memory cache, we didn’t need to call the Ethereum blockchain every time.
    2. our application continuously checks the current block and retrieves transactions from historical blocks;Our application was very heavy on reads and light on writes, so we thought using ‘cached reads’ would be a good approach;We developed a small application to act as a thin proxy between our application and Infura. The proxy application is simple and it only hits Infura/Ethereum on the initial call. All future calls for the same block or transaction are then returned from cache;Writes are automatically forwarded to Infura. This was a seamless optimization. We simply had to point our application to our proxy and everything worked without any changes to our application.
  3. Mar 2021
    1. We pay in ether to use the network for running the smart contract powering the DApp.
    2. . DApps are powered by smart contract software that automated the logic of a business agreement. DApps help cut out the middlemen. Bankers, brokers, lawyers and escrow agents are no longer needed really to guarantee the execution of an agreement.

      DApps decentralized applications

  4. Nov 2020
      • Functional blockchain library in Typescript
      • Svelte & Sapper for all things UI.
      • Blockchain sync with IndexedDB and reactivity hook.
      • Created some mini-apps to refine and test the core functionality.
      • User Authentication flow.
      • MVP: Kanban app.
  5. Jan 2019
    1. Freedom to organizeAragon lets you freely organize and collaborate without borders or intermediaries. Create global, bureaucracy-free organizations, companies, and communities.
    2. The world’s first digital jurisdictionAragon organizations are not only great because they are decentralized, global and unstoppable. They will also benefit from the Aragon Network, the world’s first digital jurisdiction.

      "digital jurisdiction"

  6. Jul 2018
    1. Approachable consumer experience. If you’ve ever tried to make a dApp transaction, you know how painful the process is. You need to set up an account to purchase coins, make the purchase, create a MetaMask account, send the coins to MetaMask, and, finally, verify the transaction. This is too much friction for the mainstream user.

      This is so true. Still looking for an application that can benefit from this concept.