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  1. Jan 2023
    1. I come from cop27 they were telling me that all the countries are heavily indebted so how are we going to become more indebted to conduct this transition 00:53:38 and we said why can't not change this and change that it has been contracted by countries Into Climate action so that resources budgetary resources 00:53:53 are free so that we can conduct adaptation and mitigation why don't we devalue Global debts this would entail a change of the power system why are the fiscal Havens 00:54:07 nowadays these weakened the funding of energy transitioned for instance all these issues would need a decarbonized capitalism but 00:54:21 this is not on the table nowadays and unless this is on the table we won't be able as humankind to move to a decarbonized economy and the consequences would mean that the current 00:54:34 capitalism is unable that could die with humankind decarbonized capitalism could become an illusion unfortunately maybe we start to move 00:54:49 towards extension unless as humankind we can act politically in a way that we can specifically reduce CO2 Greenhouse 00:55:02 emissions

      !- recommendation : forgive debts - many nations are heavily indebted to banks - forgive the debts so that money can be channeled into climate mitigation and Adaptation

  2. Aug 2022
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    1. the person who has contracted debts must pay them

      In this time period "debts of honour" ie. gambling debts were considered more important/more shameful to wriggle out of than debts to tradespeople. This probably has some classism attached to it - you were in debt to someone of your rank rather than someone beneath you.