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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Updates/edits based on comments should preferably be reflected in the question itself. This way other readers don't have to weed out the whole comment section. You find the edit option under the question.
  2. May 2020
    1. Having to rebase and cleanup the commits while actively working on something is time and attention consuming.

      I'm not sure how I feel about that. Usually I'd say it's worth it to do it periodically, even while you're working on it. Just not obsessive compulsively to the point that it is distracting from actual work.

  3. Apr 2020
    1. no need to learn a new framework it's just Ruby's syntax + new methods and actually that's one of the reasons Google invented a simple and stupid language called Golang instead of a magical one to prevent developers from doing magic and just shipping features instead of playing with DSLs.
  4. Dec 2016
    1. Such concerns may be valid, but has anyone met a college student who couldn’t tie his own shoes? And although kids may be riding bicycles later, they’re also designing computer programs earlier.

      Yes but if children are not developing a love for reading at a young age, they're missing out on so much! Books all have some message that they are trying to get across, and computer games aren't getting that in-depth and personal and relating to kids everyday lives. Sure, they teach different educational skills, but the connection between a child and a book is much more personal then a child having a connection with an app or computer game.