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    1. If tech doesn’t contribute to solving some of the problems it creates, we are doomed
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      • quote: "If tech doesn’t contribute to solving some of the problems it creates, we are doomed"
      • author: Esther Dyson
        • internet pioneer
        • journalist
        • entrepreneur
        • executive founder of Way to Wellville
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      Open Government Initiative (Subscribe) - Menu - Social Security Administration (SSA) Weekly Data for. Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) Transactions by State ...

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      Vote Tallies for Passage of Medicare in 1965 - Social Security ...

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      Legislative History. This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures. Vote Tallies for ...


      Social Security Act of 1935 - Social Security History

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      On August 14, 1935 President Roosevelt signed the bill into law at a ceremony in the White House Cabinet Room. Congressional Vote Totals By Party. HOUSE (4/19/ ...

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      What Information Is Public From Your Voting Record? - FindLaw

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      Mar 18, 2020 --- The public information in state voting records includes, ... gender, father's name or mother's maiden name, Social Security number, ...


      Access To and Use Of Voter Registration Lists

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      | State | Who can request the... | What information doe... | What can the file be u... | | Arkansas A.C.A. § 7‑5... | Anyone can request a... | Names, addresses an... | Not specified | | Idaho Idaho Code §3... | Any person may requ... | Name, address, preci... | Non‑commercial purp... | | Michigan M.C.L.A. 16... | Any person may requ... | Name, address, year... | Not specified |

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        This chapter establishes familiar character dynamics that might elucidate the trajectory of the personas Austen presents in this unfinished text. The chapter begins with the introduction of Miss Esther Denham and Sir Edward Denham, a scheming sibling pair reminiscent of Mansfield Park’s The Crawfords and Northanger Abbey’s The Thorpes. Austen explicitly establishes the bald aim of the two to obtain wealth and status from advantageous matrimony, a characteristic that similarly mirrors the Crawfords and Thorpes. Sir Edward, in particular, resembles Austen’s past villainous men; throughout the Austen canon, coxcomb-esque behaviors are the cardinal sins of bachelors. Indeed, Willoughby, Wickham, Henry Crawford, Mr. Elton, Thorpe, and Mr. Elliot all receive biting characterizations by Austen, and thus, given the fates of these men in their respective novels, we can predict that Sir Edward is not the male love interest of this story. 
       Sir Edward’s dynamic with, and apparent longing for the affection of, Clara Brereton, additionally reverberate into the Austen canon in a meaningful way. Other Austen works present relationships between gentried men and pseudo-adopted young women; notably, Emma features Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill’s secret engagement and Mansfield Park depict Henry Crawford’s arguably predatory pursuit of Fanny Price. These relationship both demonstrate wealth and class incongruities as interpersonal complications. Further, these dynamics are also characterized by the ignorance of other characters to the details of the relationship. Therefore, we cannot know from this unfinished account of Charlotte’s observations if Clara Brereton is a Fanny Price or a Jane Fairfax; we cannot fully know if the behaviors and dispassion Charlotte Heywood witnesses are evidence of a painful resistance to unwanted advances or red herrings to disguise an intimacy. Since speculation is the nature of this activity, however, it is notable that in both Mansfield Park and Emma, outside perceptions of the aforementioned relationships were incorrect. Therefore, paradoxically, Charlotte’s perception of Clara’s distaste for Sir Edward might in fact evince a returned affection and eventual marriage between the two.