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  1. Mar 2017
    1. What are the risks in assuming that we start from a place of shared values and goals?

      Having worked myself in all the roles Joshua talks about here, I'll start out by agreeing with his main point: a lot of people in forprofit edtech are great folks and are personally motivated by many of the same things as educators. Yet I hope this isn't really the issue: I think humans share a lot of values regardless of who they work for. I locate the primary friction between EDU and forprofit edtech at a structural level: education as a public good and forprofit companies motivated primarily by revenue are not naturally aligned, regardless of how well-aligned people on all sides may be. What we need most is not to put more trust and faith in people working in forprofit edtech (we should have some already), but to work for models to develop and provide edtech that are fully aligned with the public good interests of education.