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  1. Apr 2022
    1. Repeated references to local variables are good because the compiler cancache them in the register file (temporal locality).. Stride-1 reference patterns are good because caches at all levels of the memoryhierarchy store data as contiguous blocks (spatial locality).

      重复使用 local variable 以及 stride-1 pattern 为什么是 cache-friendly 的?

    2. A copy of w is contained in the line if and only if the valid bit is setand the tag in the cache line matches the tag in the address of w.

      如何判断要读取的 w 在 cache line 里面?

    3. The process that a cache goes through of determining whether a request is ahit or a miss and then extracting the requested word consists of three steps: (1) setselection, (2) line matching, and (3) word extraction.

      process 请求内存,有哪三个步骤?

  2. Mar 2022
    1. a program needs a particular data object d from level k + 1, it first looksfor d in one of the blocks currently stored at level k. If d happens to be cachedat level k, then we have what is called a cache hit.

      什么是 cache hits?什么是 cache misses?

  3. Feb 2022