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  1. May 2022
  2. Sep 2019
    1. there will soon be only documentation to establish regular and benevolent contact between man

      documentation as a universal pacifical unificator for humanity

    2. Otlet’s ambition of recording and indexing all human actions, all natural phenomenons, all that is possible for us to perceive according to the five senses and beyond (including the imperceptible and the irrational)

      utopia, for documentators

      … but is it really desirable?

    3. the absence of a social contract

      actual level of consent of individuals being documented (and by whom? by private corporations, mostly)

    4. ritualistic

      digital diary (when voluntary)

      git commit -m 'What I did today'

      vs digital trail (when automated)

    5. The hyperdocumented individual, who initially sought the ability to cope with one-off situations, now aims to become permanently “augmented”

      hyperdocumentation (and autodocumentation, self-documentation) as means of building a social, professional, etc. status.

    6. While undocumented people do not have official papers, they often have access to software via smartphones or libraries; some have profiles on social networks as well. Hence the opposition between hyperdocumented and undocumented proves complex and the undocumented (in the sense of illegal immigrants) can also be hyperdocumented (as digital citizens).

      funny paradox