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  1. Jun 2024
    1. unclear how longthey will last and what will ultimately come out of them

      mention of the unique temporal quality of the content related aspect of learning.



  2. May 2024
    1. (1) the whatof the learning action, that is, the learning content and what thelearner would like to learn; (2) the why of the learning action,that is, the learner’s reasons for wanting to learn something. Thesemore content-related dimensions of learning give direction andthey determin

      Schraube defines two (plural!) learning dimensions: content and reason. Perhaps there it is only one dimension containing those two aspects.

    2. This process is the content dimension of thelearning action

      Ah, the very definition of "the content-related".

    3. Thecenter of the learning action is the movement from not knowing,understanding, or being able to do something, but wanting toknow, understand, or be able to do it, to knowing, understanding

      Learning movements are defined to be the process of going from not knowing to knowing. Learning is therefore fundamentally tied to goal-setting and intention.