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  1. Jun 2024
    1. “Correspondence … is the process by which beings or thingsquite literally co-respond or answer to one another over time, asfor example in the exchange of letters or of words in conversation… It is in attending to one another, as they go along together,that beings correspond

      It is useful to know that correspondence in the context of learning can take place over a longer time as in letters, as this supports the view that Hypothes.is is a tool of entering into correspondence with the world in co-creation over a learning matter.

    2. Ingold describes this process of entering into an exchange withthe section of the world to which the learning action relates ascorrespondence, and he sees it as the decisive moment of attentionand world-disclosing.

      Here again, the importance of context and limits into which affinitive attention can expand is emphasized. It seems also to be suggested that the section of the world relating to the learning action can take any form, such as YouTube videos, ChatGPT, professionals on the subject, friends, Hypothes.is and so on.

    3. The learner activelyrelates to the learning materials and sources of knowledge, doessomething with them, and enters into a dialogue with them. Onlythen does tentacular learning unfold

      The argument for digital technologies is that they provide fundamentally new ways of relating to sources of knowledge, doing things with them and entering into dialogue with them.