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  1. Mar 2022
    1. 1. Multiple strong symbols are not allowed○ Each item can be defined only once2. Given a strong symbol and multiple weak symbols, choose the strong symbol○ References to the weak symbol resolve to the strong symbol3. If there are multiple weak symbols, pick an arbitrary one

      linker 如何解决重复符号定义的问题?

    2. ● Modularity○ Program can be written as a collection of smaller source files, rather than one monolithic mass.● Efficiency○ Time: Separate compilation■ Change one source file, compile, and then relink. No need to recompile other source files.○ Space: Libraries■ Common functions can be aggregated into a single file...

      linker 有什么好处?

    3. ● Global symbols○ Symbols defined by module m that can be referenced by other modules.■ e.g., non-static C functions and non-static global variables.● External symbols○ Global symbols that are referenced by module m but defined by some other module.● Local symbols○ Symbols that are defined and referenced exclusively by module m.■ e.g., C functions and global variables defined with the static attribute.○ Local linker symbols are not local program variables

      分别有哪些 linker symbol?

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