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  1. Feb 2023
    1. I have worked in paper format, hundreds of reference books, and a massive marketing swipe file. A recovering r/DataHoarder who realized piles were causing stress.

      Example of an inveterate note taker who indicates they've got a "massive marketing swipe file".

  2. Jan 2023
    1. When the article is about 80% done:
    2. Here is a breakdown Harry created about where his subscribers come from across social platforms.
    3. Quick caveat: all of these mentions of “Twitter” can be replaced with “LinkedIn” if that’s the platform you have more traction on. Don’t send the link to the Twitter thread if you’d get much more reaction on LinkedIn.
    4. Once the article is published:
    5. At the very end (and nowhere before), he plugs his newsletter. It got 124 comments on just that one subreddit and probably hundreds if not thousands of visitors to his website.
    6. Of course, he spent time becoming an active member in all of these groups before posting his own content.
    7. And at the end of the thread, he links back to that article and the newsletter.
    8. And as soon as he hit publish on the Twitter thread, he embeds a link to the thread in his email and an email to his newsletter.
    9. By teasing out the best tip from the article, he’s getting people framed for the content. Once the full article is published, people are already going to be intrigued to read the rest of the post.
    10. Many Facebook groups look down on self-promotion (i.e. sharing your own links), so he does something really smart and just shares the tip with little callouts in the corner of the image.
    11. Every time Harry publishes an article, he promotes it in multiple places:
    12. Most people just send everything back to their newsletter, and they miss out on this additional layer of traffic.
    13. Promoting his Twitter thread it gives that post a boost of engagement, signaling to the algorithm that these are valuable. More people share it, and more new people see it.
    14. He doesn’t just post a Twitter thread – he then links to it from his newsletter and embeds it into the article.
    15. Improve the copy on your landing pages and forms
    16. Here is a breakdown from one of his articles showing the percentages of where people opted into his email from.
    17. One of the ways Harry has improved his conversion rate quite a bit is by adding more ways for people to sign up.
    18. In the beginning, he was charging only $2300 a month for a sponsor, but I’d have to hope he’s increased that since.
  3. Oct 2019