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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Parametric Polymorphism

      "Inheritance" is run time poluymorphism.

      "Generic" is parametric poluymorphism. poluymorphism at complie time.

      • A list of any types
      • A list of some contraint types
  2. Feb 2019
  3. Jan 2019
    1. If one object is part of another object, then we use a diamond at the start of the arrow (next to the containing object), and a normal arrow at the end.

      Another way of thinking of this is, if the original owner (source) object and the owned (target) object share the same life cycle -- that is, the owned exists only when the owner does -- we say that the owner aggregates owned object(s). They share a whole-part relationship.

      What I did like very much about the video, was when the instructor pointed out that there's a small fallacy: aggregation, in OOD, does not really imply that owned object(s) must be a list.