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  1. Apr 2023
    1. As you're watching someone stream, you can leave comments, which the Broadcaster (in Periscope parlance) can see and respond to. This, Beykpour says, is the app’s real secret sauce. "The magic moment of Periscope is not when you see video for the first time," he says. "Because you’ve experienced that before, whether it’s YouTube or another live broadcasting tool. The magic moment for Periscope is when you as viewer say something and you end up influencing the broadcast."

      Even since I highlighted this, some years ago, the actual tragedy of the Periscope story got so much worse...

      (Including Bekypour reap Periscope for parts to build Twitter Spaces and then forget for some 10 straight days after the public commitment date to actually put it out of its misery.)

  2. Feb 2021
    1. A synopsis of some of what Twitter has been doing wrong, opportunities squandered, and what it could be doing. Reasonable analysis of what some new competitors are doing to generate value in tangential spaces.

  3. Oct 2015