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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Theoretically you could assign an address from your servers public IPv6 prefix directly to the client so no NAT would be necessary. This would be the ideologically "correct" way to do IPv6, but may be problematic to do when your servers prefix regularly changes.
  2. Aug 2022
  3. Jun 2022
  4. Dec 2021
    1. To change your prefix from C-b to C-a, simply add following lines to your tmux.conf:
  5. Nov 2020
    1. Because module members are usually used with a namespace, short and simple names are usually the most readable option. But those names might not make sense outside the module they’re defined in, so @forward has the option of adding an extra prefix to all the members it forwards.
  6. May 2020
    1. Authors of third-party tools should prefix each label key with the reverse DNS notation of a domain they own, such as com.example.some-label.
  7. Jan 2017
    1. selector: 'admin-users'

      Why isn't this selector defined as toh-admin-users, just like above toh-hero suggestion?